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Jason Voorhees - Legend of Crystal Lake Friday the 13th Premium Format(TM) Figure



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Zombie Brain Coin Purse!  Nothing's cooler than a Zombie Brain Coin Purse. Check out the awesome pink sewed on design of a zombie brain! The green zipper reads,
American McGee's Alice Vorpal Blade Replica
Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Syringe Glove.  From A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, it's the Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Syringe Glove! This glove inspired by the horror movie features copper metallic articulated fingers and plastic syringes that light up in blue. The plastic glove features a copper metallic paint deco. Whether you want to use these as part of a Halloween costume or as display at home, you'll love the realistic replication of the Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Syringe Glove! Requires 3x
Hannibal TV Wendigo Pop! Vinyl Figure.  From the hit NBC psychological thriller-horror TV series, Hannibal, comes this Wendigo Pop! Vinyl Figure! This 3 3/4-inch tall Wendigo Pop! Vinyl Figure features the stylized likeness of Will Graham''s imaginary manifestation of the Copycat Killer. The dark Stag Man looks as creepy as ever! Wendigo comes in a window box and makes a great gift for any fan of the Hannibal TV show!
Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Dorbz Vinyl Figure
Skelanimals Diego (Bat) 14-Inch Deluxe Backpack Plush
The Walking Dead Michonne's Sling Bag Accessorize like one of the baddest zombie killers of all time! The Walking Dead Michonne's Sling Bag takes some of the elements seen on Michonne's character from The Walking Dead and turns them into stylish additions to this great bag to make it even greater. Measuring about 16-inches tall x 14-inches long x 7-inches wide, it's a must-have accessory for fans of the popular character!




film The Hexecutioners Three years ago Proposition 177 was passed allowing private medical firms to conduct assisted suicide procedures. Two young women working for a Rite-to-Die company are dispatched to a remote estate to perform a custom euthanasia ritual, but unwittingly summon the spirits of a death cult that once inhabited the property. From Canadian independent genre studio Foresight Features, director Jesse Thomas Cook (Septic Man, Monster Brawl) and the permanently damaged mind of Tony Burgess (PontyPool, Ejecta), comes The Hexecutioners, a euthanasia-themed occult haunter. The film stars newcomer Liv Collins, Sarah Power (Repo! The Genetic Opera, The Killjoys), and Tim Burd (SAW II, Septic Man) along with a list of character roles from Ari Millen (Orphan Black), Barry Flatman (Fargo, The Dead Zone), Boyd Banks (Dawn of the Dead, Hellmouth) and Walter Borden (Gerontophilia).

  • Wednesday, October 21at 9:30pm - 11:30pm
  • Scotiabank Theatre Toronto 259 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3M6
  • Tickets


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    Resident Evil T-Virus Prop ReplicaResident Evil T-Virus Prop Replica: Did you get your shot yet? If not, you'd better do it now! The Resident Evil T-Virus and Anti-Virus Prop Replica comes with a custom aluminum display case with a clear top and Umbrella Corporation logo, so you can display it with the case open or closed. Each vial measures just over 5-inches long and is an accurate replica of the quintessential Resident Evil prop. Constructed from aluminum and Plexiglas, both the virus and anti-virus vials feature internal LEDs so they can be independently illuminated. You get the problem and cure all in one! Limited edition of 1,250 pieces.

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