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NCube Central - Gamecube Specs

The Specs

Are you wondering how the Nintendo Gamecube will run, how good it will run, and how it will compare to other systems? You've certainly found the right place then, because this section of Gamecube information is just about that.
Notes on this section...
Expect this page to change often, as information can be changed or be added onto. These are just some of the initial specs about the Gamecube, and I'm sure that there will be more in the future. Refer back here often to see more information, or keep checking the frontpage for news on the Nintendo Gamecube's specs. Thank you.
The Central Processing Unit
The central processing unit that is going to be used for the Nintendo Gamecube is the IBM Gekko Processor. As you may know, IBM and Nintendo have formed an agreement for this to take place. This is a very fast processor; in fact, it is faster than Sony's Playstation 2.
System Clock Speeed: 400MHz
System Memory: High-speed RAM technology
Memory Bus Bandwith: 3.2GB per second

The graphics chip for the Nintendo Cube was designed in ArtX, Inc, in Palo Alto, California. This is highly sophisticated chip; expect this chip to bring only the best graphics. The chip is extremely small, as is everything so complex.
Graphics Clock Speed: 200MHz
Maxiumum Polygon Rate: Around 20 million polygons/second
Software: DVD technology, enhanced with counterfeit protection
Maximum Capacity: An amazing 4.7 gigabytes
These speculations of the Nintendo Gamecube are very accurate, and come from the source. If you have any question about the information above, please email me. Questions are appreciated!

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