May 1st, Tues.
Ride "called" for Cambridge and at Chuck's garage ... Brown Street ... kickstands up at 10:30 am......lunch at Theo's
Three members participated; Chuck, Ron, and Zo. We rode 141 miles, with Dick joining us for lunch as he is repairing the cooling system on his Honda. Jim is battling with cancer and is undergoing treatments, as we pray for his victory.

May 5th, Sat.
Iron Pony Ride......met at Chuck's garage ... Brown Street ... kickstands went up at 10:15 am.
Riders were Chuck and Zo traveling 114 miles and shopping at Iron Pony. Hot dogs were great at the vendor wagon in the parking lot, followed by coffee and rolls at DeLange on Rt. 3 north of Iron Pony.

May 25th, Fri.
61 miles....Officers, Zo, Chuck, and Dick rode to Boondocks Restaurant..then visited incapacitated members....met at Chuck's garage ... Brown Street ... kickstands were up at 12:30 pm. Lunch was great at Boondocks on Rt 60 S.......then Jim was happy to read the email from Doc, our National President, enclosing prayers from him and his family for healing.

May 28th, Mon.
60 Miles ridden by Zo and Chuck, after leaving Chucks garage at 11:00 am. The ride was to Buckeye Lake with lunch at Papa Boo's restaurant. Wending their way to Vance's Sporting Goods and into Jacksontown, an accident was averted when a non-attentive driver sped from the gas station on the corner of 40 and 79. Chuck, leading, intuitively read the driver's intention and prepared to hit the skids, saving the riders from t-boning the vehicle.

June 6th, Wed.
Called ride...leaving Chuck's garage on Brown St. at 1 pm...late lunch in Dresden on return run.---- 41 miles ridden by Pres. Zo on his Harley Heritage and Vice-Pres. Chuck on his Harley Ultra-Glide. Two added stops were on Rt. 208 at the Amish Mills store and the Amish hardware store. A great day for riding with mild temperatures and no rain !!!

Road Trip...Kansas City, MO .....1690 miles.....visited Arabia Sternwheeler Museum and Worth Destination Harley Dealership.....June 16th - June 25th.....Zo represented Chapter 128.

June 27th...Ride called by VP Chuck Perone
From Chuck's garage on Brown Street.....kickstands went up at 11:30 AM.
Riders participating were Chuck, Dick, and Zo. Lunch was at Ryan's Place in Coshocton and a stop at Woodbury Gun Shop. Total ride was 61 miles.

July 7th...Club ride
From Chuck's garage on Brown Street.....kickstands went up at 10:15 AM.
Chuck and Zo rode to FMJ indoor gun range (on Rt. 40) and then to Theo's in Cambridge for lunch, stopping at Louie's (retired 86 year old rider) on the way home. Total miles were 58.6 with great riding weather.

July 13th...Rt. 60
From Chuck's garage on Brown Street.....kickstands went up at 10:15 AM.
61 miles with 3 motorcycles and 4 club members, Dick, Chuck, Jim, and Zo. Destination....Boondocks Grill

August 6th thru Aug. 12th.....Riding and fishing in Minnesota.
Freedom Cruisers were represented by Pres. Zo.....2176 miles ..... Walleye fishing in Garrison, MN.

September 29th, Saturday
Met at Theo's on Main Street in Cambridge at 11:00 for lunch. Afterwards we attended the gun show at the Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center. Mileage was 80 miles, as ridden by members Zo (Pres), Chuck (VP), and Dick (Sec/Tres).

October 14th, Sunday
Meet at Chuck's garage on Brown Street, Zanesville, in the south side alley at 11 am. Riding to Papa Boo's on Buckeye Lake. Temps in the low 60's. Good Fall weather.
( cancelled ) Too cold and wet - temp dropped to 40 with drizzle. Papa Boo's closed for the season.

Oct. 22nd, 2018
Riding season is officially closed. Any die-hard old-timers, or young go-getters, contact one another for a ride whenever the weather turns. All others, winterize and rack 'em up.


Riders, please take note:  Each member must participate in a minimum of 3 club rides annually to maintain their membership.

Any Member in good standing (a patch wearer) with the Freedom Cruisers Riding Club who can No Longer Ride Due To Illness or Injury may retain their Membership in the Freedom Cruisers Riding Club as a Member if they wish, belonging to their Chapter, or to become a Member at Large. -National Guidelines-

Called Rides:  Any Member of FCRC may 'Call' a ride. To do so, you must be a Core Member of FCRC (patch wearer) and ask approval of your Chapter President. When seeking permission, members should have all of the details of the ride for the Chapter President. The Member that calls a ride is considered, but not required to be, the Road Captain of the ride. Called Rides may not conflict with Chapter Rides.  - National Guidelines -