SCHEDULED RIDES - May thru Nov. - 2020 riding season

Saturday, June 13th.....cancelled
Saturday, June 27th......cancelled
Friday, July 10th..... cancelled

Saturday, September 12th, 10 AM, TJ's restaurant
Saturday, September 26th, 10 AM, TJ's restaurant


Favorite Chapter Rides
Route 666(patches available)
Triple Nickel - Rt. 555 (patches available)

Riders, please take note:  Each member must participate in a minimum of 3 club rides annually to maintain their membership.

Any Member in good standing (a patch wearer) with the Freedom Cruisers Riding Club who can No Longer Ride Due To Illness or Injury may retain their Membership in the Freedom Cruisers Riding Club as a Member if they wish, belonging to their Chapter, or to become a Member at Large. -National Guidelines-

Called Rides:  Any Member of FCRC may 'Call' a ride. To do so, you must be a Core Member of FCRC (patch wearer) and ask approval of your Chapter President. When seeking permission, members should have all of the details of the ride for the Chapter President. The Member that calls a ride is considered, but not required to be, the Road Captain of the ride. Called Rides may not conflict with Chapter Rides.  - National Guidelines -