As one author has written:

"From the South, St. Rt. 666 is treacherous at times, with hidden curves, extremely sharp corners, and a blind single lane tunnel beneath a rail road. Although, it is not as dangerous as riding from the North.

The right hand lane, travelling to the South, often is consumed by the river alongside, leaving an unforseen cavernous hole that lays waiting to consume the driver of any vehicle.

Angels may be seen waiting along the route; none of which hover aloft. Could these be seeking all souls lost in the aftermath of crashing headlights and twisting steel, as a rider becomes suddenly aware he may breathe his last?"

Adding to the eerie ride on Rt. 666 North is the Zane Casket Company on the left beyond the post office and livestock auction house.

The past two years the hand of the Devil has reached forth from the river and snatched away the south bound lane of the byway, as also witnessed in years past.

On Rt. 666 is a small unincorporated village known as *Deadmans. It is geographically surrounded by 12 *cemetaries less than 4 miles away. The average walking speed of a human is 4 miles an hour, making Deadmans a perfect place to haunt.

To this, add the fact that Zanesville High School is known as the Blue Devils.

At just over 14 miles in length (14.17), OH Rt. 666 is an exciting ride that beckons from both directions.

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Ohio Rt. 666

A Ride Through Hell

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From Zanesville
At Rt. 60 and Rt. 666

Zane Casket Co.

From Dresden
At Rt. 208 and Rt. 666

Zanesville Blue Devils
Cemetaries near Deadmans, OH:

Washington Baptist 1.4 mi. E
Prosser (Falls Township) 2.2 mi. SW
Garnger (Muskingum Township) 2.3 mi. W
Beatty (Madison Township) 2.4 mi. N
Sherrods Chapel (Muskingum Township) 3.1 mi. NW
Vernon (Salem Township) 3.6 mi. E
Boxter (Muskingum Township) 3.6 mi. W
Baxter (Muskingum Township) 3.7 mi. W
Salem Church (Madison Township) 3.7 mi. N
Bowers (Perry Township) 3.8 mi. SE
Bunting (Perry Township) 3.9 mi. E
Zanesville Memorial Park (Falls Township) 3.9 mi. SW

* Deadmans, Ohio is .3 miles South of Gilbert, and 5.6 miles north of Zanesville on St. Rt. 666.

 Deadmans, OH 


  1. Comfort Inn of Zanesville
    500 Monroe St.
  2. Baymont Inn Zanesville
    230 Scenic Crest Dr.
  3. Hampton Inn Zanesville
    1009 Spring St.
  4. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
    1101 Spring St.
  5. Fairfield by Marriott
    725 Zane St.

Restaurants - Zanesville, Ohio

   A   Tumbleweed

   B   Steak & Shake

   C   Olive Garden

   D   Bob Evans

   E   Red Lobster

   F   Oriental Buffet

Restaurant - Dresden, Ohio

  *  1340 Cafe & Sweet Shop
        1348 Main St.