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Neopets Referances

Here be all the referances so-far made by me for my Neopets.
Later on, I will make character-sheets for each so it'll be easier. But for now, you'll just have to be content with what ye have.

Crysade- (never forget the chain)


MaruJade- (she's not that chunky! o.o)


Jhkae- (He has a tail marking, too, but I always forget it anyways)


(He has been done anthro once, by adauchi. I haven't really decided on his anthro design yet, though)

Denoilu- (Archer Shoyru! I only draw him Anthro)


(If you draw more human-like anthros, give him a chocolate-brown goatee and I shall be very very happy. x))

Charixi- (Split personality; Insane + shy)

'Good'; Quad

(I've only got one of hers that I can find. Either personality is good.)