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West German Airforce's balanced assessment of the MiG-29G
Updated - 30th September 2013

H ere is a well documented balanced assessment of the MiG-29G Fulcrum by the Luftwaffe. MiG-29Gs were MiG-29Bs with minor modifications. Do note that after the Cold War when Russia was in shambles after the break up, the spares for the MiG-29s were stopped due to the chaos of the post break-up years. So the German Airforce de-rated the engines of the MiG-29 by as much as 15%(less thrust) to prolong the engine life. So MiG-29Gs were actually less Dogfight capable when compared to the Russian MiG-29Bs. Also MiG-29Gs were export versions, with degraded avionics and weapon systems compared to the Russian MiG-29s. So with all this in perspective, what was the result of the Dogfights between the Luftwaffe and the USAF? You can also find a little gem in the article... the attitude of the USAF pilots in the briefing room when told things which they don't like. You can safely extrapolate that to USAF's assessment of the MiG-29s through the F-16's manufacturer Lockheed Martin's owned Code One Magazine. Talk about double the usual amount of bias. Anyway, you can read the evaluation below.

German Luftwaffe MiG-29 experience from Jane's Defence weekly

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