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Mirage-2000H vs MiG-29B
Updated - 8th May 2012

Finally a long running debate comes to a closure, a debate which seemed never ending like the size of the cosmos itself. Now that may seem like an exaggeration but that was how the Aviation community found itself whenever the subject of Mirage-2000 & MiG-29 arose. The last time when someone tried to close the debate on F-16 & MiG-29, that someone turned out to be Code One Magazine, which is owned by none other than Lockheed Martin, which manufactures the bloody fighter! So naturally, not the unbiased of sources, Yes? However this time around, the source is a neutral bi-monthly aviation and defence magazine, called Vayu Aerospace, which operates out of a country that not only does not manufacture either of the fighters, but doesn't have any adversaries operating these two platforms to make the reporting of the events biased. Also is the fact that the said country is friendly to both the host countries of the Mirage-2000 and the MiG-29, France and the Soviet Union respectively. In addition to that, the pilots who flew both the fighters were all from that same neutral country too. A perfect setting if you ask me. So... lets find out from the Indian Air Force, how these two outstanding fighters performed when pitted against each other. As an added bonus, a passing reference to the performance of MiG-23MF is also made, don't miss it.

Vayu Aerospace and Defence Review
Vayu Aerospace and Defence Review (Downloadable)

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