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YMCA of Downtown Minneapolis

In 1851 the first YMCA in the United States was established in Boston, Massachusetts.  Through the years the YMCA has been a      trendsetter in Physical education, calisthenics and strength programs.  Sports such as basketball (James Naismith) and volleyball ( William Morgan) were invented by people affiliated with the YMCA.    In 1970, aerobics began at the YMCA by Jackie Sorenson.  During the next twenty years the YMCA has implemented various programs such as "The YMCA's Way to Physical Fitness", "The YMCA's way to a Healthy Back", "YMCA's Fitness Leaders" and "Healthy Kids Day".  The YMCA's also offers numerous national certifications such as Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Training Instructor, and Pilates Instructor just to name a few. 

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