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    About Me - General Stuff

    General Stuff                                                              This is a pic of me and my gorgeous Girlfriend, Donna         

    Full name: Alexander Ian Taylor (Alex, if you please)

    Nickname: Hector (thanks Mark!)

    Sex: Male

                             Date of Birth: 27th January 1987

                             Location: Derby, United Kingdom


        More General Stuff

        Well, I'm just in the process of finishing my GCSEs at Littleover Community School which, I have to say, were, on the whole, laughably easy! My mocks were much harder! Let's just hope my grades turn out OK though! I'm going to John Port sixth form in September. I didn't want to go to Littleover's sixth form because, quite frankly, the school bores me!! I'll be studying Physics, Maths, Geography and History at AS/A2 Level.

        Another BIG part of my life is my wonderful girlfriend, Donna, whose picture you can see above! Isn't she gorgeous? You'll find more pictures of her in the galleries section (that is when she gets some for me!). We've been together since the 18th July 2002, which means we're coming up to our year anniversary! yay!

        I currently live with my family in Mickleover, Derby. My family consists of my mother, Diane, my father, Ian and my sister Chiara (pronounced - key-are-a). I get on reasonably well with my family, although they do annoy me quite often, probably because I've annoyed them first!

        My best friends are Carl, Tom and Donna (my girlfriend). I've known Carl since I was about four and I've known Tom since I was about seven. I'll be joining Carl and Donna in sixth form which should be good. I've also met loads of good friends at cadets (Air Training Corps). I've been at cadets for almost three years now and I am now a Corporal, although not a particularly good one! Shouting isn't my nature really you see. Hopefully I'm going to be doing a gliding pilot's course in the summer which should be amazing!! Just think, I'll learn to fly a plane before I learn to drive a car!!

ANYWAY!!! ENOUGH OF THE BORING CRAP, have a look through the rest of my site!!!