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I'm Ducatigirl and This is one of my first Home pages! I have found there alot of external links to pages not in existence on this 'old home page'. If you would like to visit my new site, please vist Here

On this site you are on, you might find Ducati information, photo galleries, my very own ducati e-cards, a bit about myself and my family, and my favourite links.I will also be adding Motorcycle videos, ducati sound files, up to date news links,More Photos,.I apologise for some missing links,I had a fantastic site on Goplay, but they pulled the plug! So it's back to the HTML. lol
Such is life!
Are you into downloading MP3 songs? Napster has disintegrated, BUT you can get plenty, with download resume, might I add, from AudioGalaxy.
You can look me up on MSN Messenger.Also if you scroll down you will find a chat room button, to Ducatigirl's Chatroom.
I would love you to sign my Guestbook, please let me know of any (other) broken links or anything.You may send me a message if you would like your bike photo displayed on my Webshots! Keep the knees in the breeze!!Love Ducatigirl

Attention !!! Ducatigirls Driveway II is in the making. If you have a good story about riding experiences, bike modifications, mishaps, favourite rides or anything you think is share worthy. please send me an email to be included on my special 'STORIES' page

Here are some of my favorite links!

Ducati Ducati's official site

My Favourite Motorcycle linksThere's Some excellent Bike sites here!You can even add your own!

My Motorcycle Pics

My Community Page, All WELCOME TO JOIN

Ducati E-Cards,

Send E-Cards My very own postcard site. Ducati E-cards, adult postcards, funny cards and there's heaps of card links!

Ducatigirls Den Ducati girls Den. My First Web site !

Ducatigirls Webshots Here are hundreds of my online photos.Ducati's,and other motorcycles.
The  Phillip Isl.2000 G.P, Historics at Wanneroo, W.A and much much more!
Send me an email with your M/C pic and I will be happy to publish it online!

Romantic Card Links Heaps of Romance Card Links all on one page.

Beautiful Women Cards My 'Beautiful Women 'E-cards Page

Gorgeous Guys Cards My 'Gorgeous Guys' E-cards Page

My Metallica Cards

Hehe I got into e-cards for a while there ! lol

My Great mate Trumpy's SMG Tourers Home Page

this page is soooooo coooool!!!! great laughs, photos and anyway i'm the foreign correspondant....apparently?
This is reallly FUNNY !!! Not for minors tho! Laugh till ya cry
just type in a web addie & see what it comes up with.(government sites are the best).lol

Many Links on this page are my personal web pages.
Please sign my guest book!
Have a Great Day!

My other pages... | Australian Ducati Dealers | My(Metallica) Music Page | E-Card Links | Send your friends a Ducati postcard | How Motorcycles work | Suspension and Stuff |My mates pics
|My new Driveway
I apologise for some broken links and unfinished pages, ...Gettin' there !
Advertise your Motorcycle site on Ducatigirls Bike Links!!!

Free-For-All Links
Your Ducati Sites

You may have to email me to let me know you are in my chat room as it doesn't auto notify, unfortunately!

days 'til the big piss up

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