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Deaf Disc Golf Tournaments' 2001

  • What's steps to establish your deaf disc golf club?

  • Learn to become Webmaster

  • How to host and advertise your deaf disc golf club better?

    Deaf Disc Golf History

    General Rules

      Deaf Disc Golf Webpages' 2001

    Austin, TX-Webpage

    Colorado's Webpage

    Delta Sigma Phi's Webpage

    Florida Deaf Disc Webpage

    Houston Deaf Disc Golf's Webpage

    Kappa Gamma's Webpage

    Kappa Phi Theta's Webpage

    Kentucky's Webpage

    Maine Deaf Disc Webpage

    New England's Webpage

    Pennsylvania Deaf Disc Golf's Webpage

    Southern California Deaf Disc Webpage

    Western New York Deaf Disc Webpage

  • The Deaf Disc Golfers' Newsletter

    ***Thank you for a wonderful year of 2001***

    Special Thanks to:

  • Rogelio Perez

  • Dustin Warren

  • Deaf Disc Golf Tournament Chairpersons

    We did:

  • Learn how to use the Angelfire to be webmaster

  • Bought the domain name:

  • New England Club joined

  • Western New York Club joined

  • Southern California club joined

  • Ohio Club joined

  • Texas Club joined

  • Colorado Club joined

  • Pennsylvania Club joined

  • Florida Club joined

  • Georgia Club joined

  • Kentucky joined

  • Delta Sigma Phi joined

  • Kappa Gamma joined

  • Kappa Phi Theta appears

  • Houston's Webpage appeared

  • Northern California Club appeared

  • 10 or more Tournaments from East to West

  • USADSF's President is appraising of our growth.

    Many thanks to you all for interesting in USA Deaf Disc Golf...Looking forward for the year of 2002.