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Deaf Disc Golf's Past Tournaments

Aug 22-23,2003(Wisc.)

August 30-31 , 2003(NM)

July 26, 2003(St. Louis)

July 26,2003(Mass.)

Aug 1-3, 2003's National Championships

June 28-29 , 2003(Colorado)

July 12, 2003 (Canada)

July 19, 2003(Fremont,CA)

July 18-20,2003(MV)

Texas Deaf Doubles Championship

May 3-4, 2003 (IL.)

May 16-18, 2003 World Biggest III (Conn.)
(past coming soon)

May 30-June 1,2003 (Metro)

June 7-8, 2003 @ WNYDDG

June 7, 2003 @9am Grapevine, Texas

DFWDDG Website

March 22, 2003 (Houston-TX)

**March 14-15, 2003**
**Huntington Beach, California**

December 27-29, 2002(Florida)

ADDG's 6th Annual Discgolf

Austin, Texas- February 8th,2003

August 25,2002 (Texas)

August 24-25, 2002 (Cape Cod,MA)

October 11-14, 2002 (VA Beach)

Scores:Click here for result.

Nat'l Champ
August 2-4, 2002

July 6-7, 2002 (Deaf Way-MD)

Dallas's 4th annual

July 13th,2002

***Toronto, Canada**

July 21, 2002

***St. Lois, MO***

July 20-21,2002

***Martha Vineyard ***

When : July 19th-21st, 2002 weekend

Silicon Valley Club
Deaf Disc Golf

June 28-30, 2002

Silicon Valley Club
Deaf Disc Golf

May 24-25,2002

Santa Fe Deaf Club

New Mexico's first
deaf disc golf tournament

June 1-2,2002

World Biggest II
May 3-5, 2002

Marriottsville, Maryland

April 20th, 2002

Danville Ky

April 6, 2002

March 23-24, 2002
So Cal Deaf Disc

March 30, 2002
Houston, TX

5th Annual Deaf Discgolf

February 10,2002

New England Deaf Discgolf

October 13, 2001


"More Website.."

Wester New York Deaf Disc Golf


    Sept 21-23,2001

Delta Sigma Phi
Deaf Disc Golf
Kent's Interview + Result

    Sept 15, 2001

New England Deaf Disc Golfers


Maine Deaf Disc Golfers

    Eric's Interview


      Aug 10-12,2001

    OHIO-Deaf Disc Golfers

    Interview w/ Ohio's Representative/Champion

      July 14-15, 2001

    South Cal Deaf Disc
    June 30-July 1st, 2001

    So. Cal Deaf Disc Golf's Results

    Interview w/Joe Josseyln

    Kappa Gamma
    Deaf Disc Golf

    "Interview w/Jay Levine"

    June 21, 2001

    2001-1st U.S. National
    Deaf Disc Golf Weekend
    "Interview w/Jerry"

    Deaf Disc Golf in Silent News!

    New England
    Deaf Disc Golf Club

    June, 2,2001


    Deaf World Biggest

    Men's Division
    Women's Division
    May 4-6, 2001

  • Interview Tournament's Chairperson

  • Delta Sigma Phi

    April 7, 2001

  • Interview w/Tournament's Chairperson's

  • April 7, 2001
    Western New York
    Deaf Disc Golf Club

    October 2000

    1st ever Deaf Tournament
    New England Deaf Disc Golf Club
    Brunswick, Maine

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