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TFTWWRadiosOrg. Year 2000 Top 50 Best in the World Awards!

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Welcome to the TFTWWRO's Awards for the year 2000.

These are Gold Awards for the Top 50!

Send the TFTWWRO a website URL that you think is a Top 50 website. We will look at each website and will place it below if it is a winning website.!This offer starts on Monday, 08,2001 and ends on January 01, 2002.The TFTWWRO thanks all our members for helping us find the best websites in the world!

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  • Big Wheel Friend Pages ( BIG Radios )

    TFTWWRO's Bronze Star Award

    This place is reserved for any company that wants to place advertisement right here.Those that are interested, send the TFTWWRO E-Mail to get more information.


  • UFOs,Ghost,Monsters,Strange and More!!

    These are just a few of the many awards our winners have won!

    Here are some of your awards and prizes listed below!

  • Your own award's website to link to
  • TFTWWRO's Free award's and free things for you!
  • Free Stuff for you and your website
  • TFTWWRO 1997 Awards
  • The winner's awards website 1998
  • The Radio and top 5% Awards websites for the year 2000
  • TFTWWRO &FFA Awards
  • Texas Five Star Website Awards
  • Your very own Free Office on the internet!
  • Free money making opportunity for you
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