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Texas Freight Train World Wide HAM,DX, & CB Radio Organization

The Following HAM Radio Websites are the Choice Top 50 in the World for the Year 2000!

These are a few of the Awards the Sites below have won!

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This CB RADIO Net Ring is owned by TFTWWRO's Year 2000 Top 50 Ham websites

  • N5SDD's HAM Radio Chat!
  • SM6WXI's HAM website
  • KB9LTY's Homepage
  • Sinbad's Radio Site
  • KD5FJE HAM Radio Website
  • Hobbytron Home Page
  • Home Amateur Radio Community Site
  • Jim VA3JPM
  • Alanta Radio Club
  • WC4H Free HAM Classified Ads
  • K6XC HAM Radio Web Page
  • Amateur Radio HAM Greene County Arkansaw USA
  • W5AC Home Page
  • KO6YQ's Introduction to Morse Code
  • Northern California Spectrum
  • KE6FCT's Home Page
  • Tom's HAM Shop-K5OHM
  • Links to HAM Radio Sites
  • Big Wheel Friend Pages ( BIG Radios )
  • Amateur Radio Station KGOZZ
  • Ashley's Space World
  • Amateur Radio Online Swaps
  • PA2HJS HAM Radio Pages
  • W5FC Webpage( Dallas Amateur Radio Club's website)
  • KIODZ's Amateur Radio Resources
  • ABOMV Amateur Radio Page
  • W5YD Home Page
  • The KB5YBP HAM Shack
  • JF3PLF's Home Page
  • KBOH's Amateur Radio Page
  • HAM Radio Online
  • AF4XQ's Website
  • EC1AME-EB1IIT, Fernado in Spain. 100% HAM Radio
  • AC6V's Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide
  • German HAM Radio AFU
  • HAM Radio Outlet
  • Beginner's Guide To HAM Radio
  • HanRad-Amateur Radio Resource
  • HAM Radio and Eloctronic Suppliers Ring
  • Express Eloctronics Incorporated
  • Amateur Electronic Supply
  • Team Japan HAM Radio Stations
  • Jim's Diodon Submarine(r) History & HAM Radio Webpage
  • Twin Cities Scanner and HAM Radio
  • The Kitchener Waterloo Amateur Radio Club
  • HAM Radio of Komi Republic
  • KG4BOO's HAM Radio License Exam Tutorial Website
  • Baltimore Amateur Radio Club
  • Raymond Sarrio Company

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  • TFTWWRO 1997 Awards
  • The winner's awards website 1998
  • The Radio and top 5% Awards websites for the year 2000
  • TFTWWRO &FFA Awards
  • Texas Five Star Website Awards
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