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Texas Freight Train World Wide CB,HAM & DX Radio Organization

The CB Radio Websites below are the Top 50 Best in the World for Year 2000!

The TFTWWRO main Awards website for year 2000

TFTWWRO's Year 2000 Main website Awards year 2000
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This CB RADIO Net Ring is owned by Texas Freight Train World Wide Radio Organization
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Year 2000 Top 50 World's Best Citizen Band Radio Websites

  • Fun With uncle Jim's CB Radio Website
  • Captain Kilowatts CB Radio Site
  • 69 Mobile's House of Pain CB Website
  • Wimpee's CB Radio Page
  • Bozo's CB Page
  • Skyshaker 965 CB Station Site(Western Outlaw)
  • Mudpuppy's CB Radio Page
  • Citizens Band Mid-West
  • Paul Zalewski's Homepage
  • WD4HIM CB Radio WEB Links
  • Stubby's CB Radio Page
  • Shadow's Big CB Radios Homepage
  • Power House's CB Page
  • Cyclops 888 Cb Homepage
  • 68 Echo Uniform 001-Roy's CB Homepage
  • Bob's Classic CB Radio Page
  • Woody's QTH Official CB Gazette Website
  • Wizard's CB Page
  • KC2FFH's Radio Page
  • 11 Meter Radio Start Page
  • Sommerkamp Collection
  • Robert's Homepage
  • The DXZone
  • Indonesian DX Club-IDXC-CB Radio
  • Knights CB Radio Home Page
  • CB Radio Operators ICQ Chat Room
  • The DX Outlawz
  • CBC International CB Radio, Monterey CA Home Page
  • Radio Texas Homepage
  • DTB Radio's User-Added Link Page
  • H.E.R.O. CB Club
  • Davemade Amplifiers
  • Texas Star Amateur Radio Products
  • Copper Electronics,Inc.
  • Thomas Distributing
  • New York's CB Store
  • No Name Amplifier's----World's Loudest!
  • American Eagle SSB CB'er Club
  • Hitman's CB Hideout
  • BigRadios
  • SWpage2000
  • BigShot-Smokin Gunn
  • Springfield 2000
  • ChickenClub
  • Sir Dude's Place
  • Space Case World
  • DBLongerhauler's Homepage
  • CB World
  • Bman's Website( 352)
  • Doughboy's CB Shack

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  • TFTWWRO 1997 Awards
  • The winner's awards website 1998
  • The Radio and top 5% Awards websites for the year 2000
  • TFTWWRO &FFA Awards
  • Texas Five Star Website Awards
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