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Red Dawn Cassidy

Cassidy lives with his dad Stan in Dallas, Texas. He is in training and showing in Agility at Chuting Stars with Laura Yarbrough as their instructor. This is one FAST dog.

Red Dawn Cassidy

Update from owner Stan on 11/3/03
Hi Alicia,
I scheduled Cassidy' one year hip check on his first visit to the vet. She (the vet) seemed to be familiar with his breed and potential hip problems. The information you've sent will help me make certain proper procedures are followed and the most accurate results are obtained. But, thanks for the reminder.
By the way, I've tried a number of trainers and have yet to find one I feel will comfortable with. The "clicker" has proven to be an excellent training tool (all the information I have learned is from two excellent books with very detailed clicker instructions).
I've just ordered some agility equipment (6 weave poles-open end tunnel-tire jump and teeter base) as well as two videos one by Margaret Bonham and the other by Jane Simmons. I don't plan on high jumping things until he is 15 to 18 months old. From what I've read really high jumps can be damaging to a young dog.
Cassidy is very smart. He can do about thirty things on cue. He loves Frisbee and is quite the showman. He's also learning left from right and doing quite well. He can retrieve an item I haven't thrown, just pointed at, even with many choices of things. We run (I bike) several miles most days, it gives Cassidy a chance to run as fast as he wants to and I think he is very fast. His job is making sure all squirrels stay in the trees. He also picks up tree twigs and limbs and stacks them in the yard.

Cassidy is a blue merle tri border collie. He was born December 8, 2002.
His father is Red Dawn Paris and mother is C-Horse Ruby.