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Extreme News
01|11 Extreme Asinine Behavior Launch It took just under 5 minutes for Bill Palmatary to call after the press release went out about Extreme launching. Read his email response and the launch press release here.
01|09 Herchenroether Response Time System goes live...After extensive load testing and statistical data analysis, the system launched today with a great deal of fan fare. Read the press release here.

...I'll call you right back...

Check out the system here!

01|08 New Innovation Brings About Cost Effective Development I finally got the press release here! Brainstorming session brings File Maker Pro 5 Unlimted in the fast paced arena of data tracking
01|07 Will Extreme go public?!? East Coast Extreme executives are meeting about Extreme Asinine Behavior to be linked on the Tallan Intranet. For those of you not familiar with Extreme, this site is a private site for the Tallan east coast teams, which is totally more extreme than anything else out there. It really is just a little side project we threw together for the east coast folks, and it gets updated for a few seconds a day at most. If you listen closely, you can hear the Netapp project members screaming in the distance as they realize the east coast has a much more extreme website. But the site most likely will not be linked cuz Extreme Asinine Behavior doesn't believe in "selling out" to big corprate web sites. The site just drops to just a link status and fades away. The site is too extreme for that.
01|05 Internet Tunes! You asked for them, we got it! Tunes for listening enjoyment while you crush code all day in your lab testing bo.... errr cubicle at work! Extreme Asisine Behavior has teamed up with Fade to Blacks Quality music site. Go here to check it out.
01|04 Extreme Asisine Racing! Inspired by this add on, Extreme Asisine Behavior decided to use the 88 Dodge aries for it's entry into the SCCA Rally tournaments. Watch for it on Speed Vision and take a look at a preview of the car here.
01|02 Friendly Holiday Reminder: Just a reminder from Extreme Asisine Behavior, It's never to early to get in the mood for St. Patricks Day

We be drinkin!

Doller Bids!

In place of the west coast's "Wussy New Years Resolution List"... We have decided to add the Extreme What-Would-You-Do-For-A-Doller List. If you have a good one, you may want to say it before someone else does. Basically we're looking for bid from people that thinks they can take the ultimate 100 cent prize.

Feel free to volunteer your fellow co-workers!

What is your bid (or should be someone elses?) Email me at:

Yeah baby! Yeah!

extremly gratuitous titanium graphic #2.
titanium graphics rock harder.
seriously, this goes anywhere.

Looking for Donations

i will conquer and pilage...errr...nevermind.
In an attempt to purchase a brand spanking new set of titanium G4 laptops for the CSG department here on the east coast, we urge everyone to NOT, repeat NOT eat from the snack machine. The money saved will be placed toward the snack-o-saver fund. A massive boycot of the high suger, high fat, and high artery kludging death nuggets that hide in the dark bowels of the snack machine is being asked by all. To help the effort random suppositories have been placed inside random cancer causing treats. To suppliment with the cost, send donations or fundraising ideas to:

01-03 Update:
Checked the snack machine. Items seem to be missing. Can't account for the lack of snacks going out. Hmm.

Hall of Fame
Some of our extreme sponsors.
Mommy would be proud..
I got one arm, yes I do
You got that in Titanium?
OK! Who was that!

Extremely, gratuitous use of a killer titanium graphic. BUT, when I made it, I just knew it had to go somewhere.
Get your filthy west coast hand off!
Extreme Challenges
Extreme Milk Challenge!
The TD Group have an "unamed" challenger who claims to be able to drink 1 Gallon of whole milk in less than 1 hr. And this participant will not barf up any liquid within 12 hours of gulping the milk. The challenger is willing to bet $500! Will the West take up the challenge...

Groovy Baby!

extreme asinine powerbook

extreme asinine religion

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