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WGIndex > SNES > WWF Raw

Game Info
Year Released: 1994
Developed By: LJN ltd. (a division of Acclaim)
Programmed By: Sculptured Software, Inc.

Bret Hart
Bam Bam Bigelo
Razor Ramon
Lex Luger
Shawn Michaels
1-2-3 Kid
Owen Hart
Luna Vachon


Super Punch:
Press Right + Y + B four times or Y + B + Up four times during the opening copyright screen. A grunt confirms you correctly entered the code. Opponents can now be defeated after two punches

Return to Rumble:
There's 2 ways to do this. 1: Press A + B + X + Y after being thrown out of the Rumble to qualify to return to the ring. Or 2: Simply press Select

Wrestle as the Same Character:
You have to have this on a two player game, sorry. First, have player one choose a character. Then press Up + R + A on controller two and have player two select the same character.

Special Appearance in Tag Team Match:
Hold L + R and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Select during the match. Another wrestler will appear in the ring to fight player one.

Edit the Wrestlers:
Highlight a wrestler at the character selection screen. Enter one of the following controller actions to alter the corresponding wrestler's statistics:
Bret Hart: Press Down/Left + Start
Undertaker: Press Right + Y + Start
Yokozuna: Press Up + A + Y
Bam Bam Bigelow: Press A + Y + Start
Razor Ramon: Press Left + A + Y
Lex Luger: Press Down/Right + Start
Doink: Press Left + A + Y + Start
Shawn Michaels: Press Down/Left + A + Y
1-2-3 Kid: Press Up/Left + A + Start
Diesel: Press Down + A + Y + Start
Owen Hart: Press Up + A + Y + Start
Luna Vachon: Press Up/Right + A

Game Genie Codes
Start with 50% energy:

All players have unlimited energy:

Disable out of ring timer:
Coming Soon

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