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    Basic HTML

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    Image insert (banner as example)

    Banner-used as image link


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    Creating Forms to Submit to an e-mail

    Starting a Form to Send to E-mail:

    Text Field

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    Drop Down Selection

    The Submit Button

    These Nifty Text Boxes

    Map Codes

    used for navigation on images, such as a site map, or a literal map of an area.

    The COORDS indicate the area. The first number is distance from left, the second is distance from top. The Third is the ending distance from left, the Fourth is ending distance from top. Example:
    If you had a 100*100 map, and you wanted to make an location in the center. your COORDS would be: 40,40,50,50 : it wouldn't all be 50, other wise they would have too small an area. Even 10 is pretty small. You might rather go with 40,40,60,60 just to compensate a little.

    You can also do other shapes...like circles. SHAPE="circle" COORDS="80,80,25" Left, top, Diameter. and even odd shapes, just play with it.

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