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    Before I even attempt to support the use of frames, or encourage them... I'd like to say "you shouldn't be looking at this page unless you're decent at html and CSS" Thankyou.

    framesets- sets up the tag
    rows/col- rows or columns
    rows="70,*,35"- sets up boundaries. 75 represents the top field, *the remaining area between 75 and 35 (the bottom field)
    framespacing -spaces between the frame
    Frameborder- the border, if any
    SRC="file.html"> Puts that page in the field
    Noresize- it'll cut off the field
    scrolling="no"- Obviously it's not gonna scroll -if it doesn't say anything it WILL scroll
    /frameset- ends the tag.

    The Codes

    Three Rows, Middle Portion Scrolls

    Two Columns

    I in no way encourage the use of frames, nor do I condemn them. Please don't come complaining if they mess up your page.

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