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Hi everyone..... Welcome to my new site! Isn't it beautiful? I certainly think so. It will be updated more often and have more fun ineractive stuff, and, hopefully, will appear on everyone's computer the way it's supposed to be! I hope you enjoy our new home and make the best out of it! Almost everything is new so explore! There is a lot of fun exciting stuff from the summer so make sure you check out everything!


If you have already signed my guestbook do it again! This one I am using for feedback about my new site. It has all new questions. You might want to come back after you've looked at the whole site.

What's New

  • Pictures from my trip to Oregon to go to Camp Praise and visit some family on the Friends page
  • Pictures from camp at Alliance Redwoods with my youth Group on The Group page
  • Pictures from Sousa Family Campout...there are some really good pictures on the Family page
  • Check out my whole website and see how you like it! Then take some of my polls and quizes...they're all new!

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