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 The Canton of Misty Marsh is part of the Barony of Hidden Mountain, which is in the Kingdom of Atlantia , a group in the Society for Creative Anachronism, a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and recreation of the Middle Ages in the present. This includes arts and sciences, food, heavy fighting, knights, armor, millinery, needlework, illumination and calligraphy, music, archery, fencing, sewing, history, clothing and so much more. To learn more about the SCA in general, follow the links provided by clicking upon their names.

To learn more about the local group, you are welcome to attend a meeting!

The Marsh Business Meetings are now 2:00pm on the 1st Sunday of every other month. The meetings will be held in Timrod Park, to be followed directly by fighter practice. For more information, contact our Seneschal. His information can be found on our contact page.

The Baronial Business meetings are 2pm on the 2nd Sunday of every other month (odd months Jan/Mar/May/Jul/Sept/Nov). The Sept. 9 meeting will be in Florence at Timrod Park (same location as Fighter Practice).

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Canton of Misty Marsh

A group within the Barony of Hidden Mountain in the Society for Creative Anachronism

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Previously In Marsh News

3/2007 - Business meeting is now being held the first Sunday of the month at Golden Crown restaurant in Florence.

8/01/2006 - Business Meeting is now being held the first Sunday of the month at Timrod Park. Location is the same as Fighter Practice. Directions can be found by checking here

6/15/2006 - Congratulations!-To Marsh members, Lord Robert the Banished on winning Baronial Heavy Champion and to Lady Bridget O'Shay for winning Baronial Rapier Champion!

 4/21-23/2006 - Come Join Us! The Canton of Misty Marsh hosts The Rogues of Sherwood.

 Congratulations! - Misty Marsh's Lord Arawn received the Order of the Opal and the Baron's Award of Excellence at the Feast of St. Andrews.

Newest Addition! - The Marsh happily welcomes Rhianna Gale to the world. Best wishes for baby and family from us all

Fourth of July 2005 -Recently at the Spirit of Florence 2005 celebrations, the Canton of Misty Marsh was present in full regalia to enjoy the festivities. They were asked by the city to put on a display of their talents and many people were there to enjoy the displays. This was our second year participating and this year we were lucky enough to obtain a small video clip for those who could not make it. If you will Right Click on the following link and click Save Target As, you too can enjoy this show as our own Lord Arawn, Sebastien De Valmont, and Lord Robert the Banished fight for the enjoyment of the crowds.

MOVIE (11.6mb)


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