Shock Me Shock Me Shock Me!!!

So this is just the Beginning of Alicia's Most wonderful website.

I have yet to think of a topic for my website.

So for now this will just be a play toy for Alicia and her friends to visit.

Quite possibly an outlet of Alicia's own(damn selfish people).

Oh boy!

So here I am with nothing to do and writing to a computer so I suppose I will begin to write my topics of discussion.

If you are intrigued in any way and decide to share you own thoughts on these topics with lovely ol Alicia she would be more then happy to listen.

Yes her email address is QUITE obsurd but nonetheless an address so feel free to write her anytime and she will be sure to write back.

Make sure you make a subject though otherwise i dont dare open it.Thanks.


Empire Records!!!
...With that Deviant Behaviour