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Dungeon Links

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If you'd like to see your personal (non-commercial) link here, please e-mail me and I'll be happy to add your site!

Commercial sites will be considered depending on content.

Commercial Links

Hirst Arts, home of Castlemolds©, the molds I primarily use for castle and dungeon building.

Game Plan Games is your Mage Knight© connection, as well as a source for Excalibur Casting Stone (for use in the molds above) and other molding supplies.
Buy pre-cast bricks from Castlemolds to build your own Hirst Arts buildings. Also miniatures available from a huge selection of companies. There's also a gallery of project pix.

A new RPG game with castings made from Hirst models!

Check out other people's pet dungeons...

Here at Voidgamers you can see a range of projects from small outbuildings to sprawling dungeons built with Hirst bricks.

Be sure to check out the projects under the Hobby at EricOnline. The modular dungeon and castle are especially impressive!

Elliot's a perfectionist so be patient whilst waiting for his terrain pix but do take a look at his awesome paintings while you wait!

Check out Stephan's "Mighty Pages" - it's mighty impressive. Click on Miniatures, Terrain, and prepare to be surprised!! His Roman Temple complete with frieze is amazing...

This page is devoted to medieval buildings, landscapes, and miniatures in 25mm scale

RPG Links

Check out The Keep, a great personal D&D site with netbooks, a comprehensive resource library, and more.

RPG,D&D Library

Black Wolf's Warhammer Quest Lair
Another Hirst enthusiast - Watch for upcoming pix in the Gallery!

As well as hosting Voidgamers, Scott has developed Aliens PBeM: The Ghosts of Sygnus - Visit Sygnus, a colony world where severe radiation has forced colonists underground. The details on this world are incredible; there are pictures of the colony living and ops areas, the transportation, and all necessary system data.

"PlanetADnD - Your #1 Source For Everything AD&D!" This site is jam packed with info, downloads, and more. There's even a Drow translator!!

Check out Elf's Corner's painted miniatures and RPG info. The Tavern (Gallery section, Building) is a great piece of work!

Here are some links with neat and inspiring pix...

Here's an on-line game with some neat graphics - check out the hall!

Galleria Fantasy is an Italian website with incredible scale dioramas, some of dungeons. They appear to be solid cast, but the originals must have been created by a first class artisan!

Dungeons from Alcatraz???

I do maintain this page regularly, so please let me know if there are broken links.