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Item List

A fighter uses only his hands and techniques to win the battles, but sometimes you may have to use some tools on the floor nearby. It is a good idea to know about items so you know what you are doing.

Items randomly fall from the sky, don't ask why. To pick them up, hit the Attack key while you are standing on it. You can throw your weapon away by holding left/right and hitting Attack key while running or jumping. Also note that melee weapons can hit more than one enemies.

Baseball Bat

A classic, wooden multi-purpose bat, for hitting balls or heads, who knows. It takes two hits to down an opponent. Don't use it too roughly, or it would break too soon.
Bat whacks Bat
Everyone's used to the bat, so is getting hit by.

Short, but sharp, don't count on assassination though. Even though it deals decent damage, it is more popular to throw it from a distance.
Can be thrown while standing, allowing a quick ranged attack.
"Don't worry, I'll help ya out in no time!" "But what's everyone doing behind me?"
Why not throw it, at least he's not gonna hurt.

Accepted as a daily tool in agriculture, but feared within rumbles, a hoe can struck down an enemy in one hit.
Don't rely too much on its damage, go for a big shot.
Play a grim reaper
Either that, or hide-seek-and-snap.
Ice Sword

A beautiful sword made of pure ice, summoned by Freeze.
Not only it hurts, but it can freeze people, bringing a breeze of ice rocks containing human.
Penetrating freeze through cold steel
Don't just think it's a stick of ice...

A classic projectile. Baseball in LF2 is not just playing catch, but rather aiming for hits. And it hurts. This can stun an opponent in one hit.
The combo freaks often use the baseball to initiate ultimate combos...
"Oh no! Looks like Woody's messed up! Well, score one for Jack!"
Always be warned when playing baseball, it can harm you.

An tricky Australian dart, this bent stick does more than just fly straight. If there is an enemy nearby, it targets him and flies toward him. Jackpot!
It actually is only made to be a souvenir, so it's very fragile (breaks in two uses). Treat it like a lady.
"I can work my magic by snapping my fingers..."
Its accuracy makes up for its fragile health.

Just like its looks, a big piece of wood, it's heavy. Lift it up and hurl away to use. Unfortunately it doesn't contain any items in it. Pity.
Bat: "Uh...."
Want something better than a butter knife? Here!

It's even heavier than a crate, thus heavier impact on victim. Even though it's not artificial, it's natural power (?) may bless you and knock down a group of bad guys - literally, you know how.
"Julian's Delivery Service, what's the address?"
Crush these men away! Go go go! Single rock-ed!
Louis' armor pieces

Fragments of gauntlets and plates from Louis' armor when he transforms into LouisEX. Now there's only one good use for this metal thing, but a good enough purpose. Deals much more damage than a boulder does.
"Hurry up useless, WHO do you think is the boss?!" "Um... Louis?"
The armor cleanup crew, hired in Stage Mode.

What's this? A puny bottle of milk for crying out loud? That's what fools think. True survivors know how to use it.
This can heal your health and mana, and a bit of your lost health limit as well. You can throw it to deal some damage, but it stuns him, that's it.
Recycle the bottles afterwards!
Got milk? Make it your daily habit!

Ahhh! A perfect refreshment especially in the middle of the fray! Unlike milk, it wouldn't heal your health, but instead it will heal your MP very quickly. You'll get a full restore even from 0 MP. Woo-hoo! Hic.
Now get back to fight.
"Hello? Can you give us a hand? We've been tied up for three days..."
OK, so he's got the beer... What about their respect?