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Welcome to the Little Fighter 2 page
(Last Updated: 2/5/06) I FORGOT TO ADD THE LINK TO THE ITEM PAGE! A whole bunch of hours wasted... Well, it's now added so there goes.
Rewrote Game Modes and Character List.
Also, if IE/Netscape/whatever browser you are using ever asked you to download Japanese font AFTER the date of 1/24/05, then let me know. Thank you!

Welcome to the LF2 Page! Here you'll find beginner's guide for LF2, and funny pictures and mods! Enjoy!
Also, submission of pics/mods are greatly appreciated! I will post them with credits!

About Little Fighter More ways to FUN!
What is Little Fighter 2?
Playing Little Fighter 2
Game Modes
Characters in LF2
Fighting Manual
Funny Images
Older Games by Marti Wong

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