Monday, March 31, 2003
why is it that no matter how much i prepare for something. it doesnt workout the way it suppose to be. i had everything i needed and then at the last moment it all blows up in my face. i made sure i had everything covered and at the end boom shit all over my face....urgghhh... whatever
yeah baby charlene has the cold and is very clingy but all cute! i like this weather... not too gloomy!
>> Sarah McLachlan - I Will Remember You
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Sunday, March 30, 2003
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there you go >>
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i was just about to sleep when i realized i havent checked/read my friends pages (maybe they wrote something again). then the usfriends page was playing up so i checked angelfire and they said that i violated some rule or something but didnt tell me how to fix it....urghhhhh...... i tried to fix it but the info they gave was very limitted and i cant find other links to appeal or whatever..... and i couldnt wait ti'll tomorrow so i transfered everything to a new page. unifriends is fine... what could be the violation...maybe its an error... well its fixed for now. so yeah i am gonna sleep now.
whats that saying?... don/t sleep....blah...something about problems......i dont remember, anyway... good night/morning!
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Saturday, March 29, 2003
i couldnt help it even though i said that i would stay with the previous one, here is simple new layout again! this layout is loosely based on that song "PARADISE" by LLCoolJ feat Amerie. that song rocks! basically this is about my paradise. a place for me! the picture which i have been admiring for a long time now is from Webshots. taken from Sunset at Pigeon Point, Tobago, Caribbean.
today was a really really good family day! nice breakfast followed by cleaning up of course. i got a haircut! lunch was yum (pinatbit! which is one of my favourate filo dish). we then went to visit some relos, walk their dog in this park/duckhabitat place (very calming). take away (big chief!) for dinner and end with a video "hotchick" which was so funny!
on the other side i cant come tomorrow with the friends get together. its should have been awesome but they called really late and other plans are made already. anyway, hope they have fun! they will rock the city! lol
although i am not a big fan of the war, the soldiers out there risking their life for a worthy cause (hopefully) should be congratulated and respected for all their efforts and bravery! i wish them well! hope that the casualties in both sides are low. urghhh.... war..... did we really have a choice to go to war?
another question comes to mind since i watched this conspiracy theory... did we land on the moon? lol... evidence points to "no"... but i hope we did coz that is such a feat for the human race! (how could they lie about something as big as this?)
ohh!... daylight savings so change your clocks/time!
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test1>> You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss that never lessens and always blows your partner away like the first time.
test2>> Neutral: Harmony and balance is key. You don't look at the world in a negative or positive way and you'll never judge or assume a situation- you just look at the facts. People like you are peaceful and accepting.
test3>> "Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?" - borderline
ps. i saw mariah carey feat cam'ron video clip of boy (i need you) and it looks awesome! the same director (khan) will direct tlc's damaged! should be awesome!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2003
my brother sprained his ankle last monday from basketball and as for me it seems like my body is old, it lacks strength and flexibility. even though i exercise when i can which is more frequent now, my body still aches (what if its too late and my its damaged like right now or maybe i just didnt sleep well. anyways my exercise progress is doing ok. i would have wanted more time to exercise but all i can think about is that i need a new hobby other than the net/pc.
my cousin jr and his gf grace (who said i looked really young) came over and asked me to burn this cd package of net softwares but it didnt work and he was in a rush to get it done so i couldnt burn it (should have just copied it). damn .... it has dreamweaver/ flash/ firework/ php... and more...i wanted it. next time. well i tried to help him but i only had a concept and for some reason i cant make those normal frames, i didnt have the book (lent it to hosai) but had saved html tutorials, well i tried and i felt kinda stupid coz they know i am a computer science (about to) graduate. i needed more time. im over it since my sister says that i dwell too much.....i hate that on me...
btw yeah our washing machine is finally fixed, all better! and i got my confirmation graduation slip returned! it is set!
- thought i was their friend
hot song!!! - r*kelly >> ignition + ignition (remix)
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Monday, March 24, 2003
yesterday me and my friends bec and teri went to the art gallery and saw some beautiful paintings, watched a concert (piano and violin players) and saw the archibald painting competition, learned some painting history from this cool tour guide that dresses up as a jeanie or something all the while gasbagging about some random topic. it was cool!
we luckily escaped the rally but not the rain. during lunch we got some friends info and all i can say is that i am shoked! we then browsed some book and music stores before heading down to circular quay and see some indian culture/dance which was cool. a very random day, lots of walking and talking...with no real plans...... yet fun!
i got home early and got away from mowing the lawn but not cleaning the car. mum took the day off today and she took care of charlene most of the time. so i got a break today!
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Saturday, March 22, 2003
so far the weekend plan is A ok! paulo actually had a barbeque yesterday and it was not just me and shannon, its also ronald, sharon, john and john's friend (this guy was either shy,tired or unfriendly...he didnt talk or smile... well i didnt see it) ...their house is really nice! they are still unpacking and stuff still needs to be fix but the finish product would look awesome.
today was good. didnt really do a lot to help (build the garden wall/container) since relos (plenty) were there already so just watched tfc and espn.
tomorrow should be fun!
ps. thanks viv for the marquee!
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Friday, March 21, 2003
(phone conversation)
me: hey is anyone else coming?
paulo: no, just u and shannon
me: what happened to everyone else?
paulo: i called john and he is doing something
me: oh.. what is he doing? (why isnt he going? doest he want to go? what could he be doing?)
paulo: dont know
me: did u ask? (i bet he didnt)
paulo: not his
me: lol (i think i am paranoid?!)

the question >> am i paranoid or am i just curious??? i like to think i am curious and just want to know.

is this a wasted post or what? no! btw i just finished cleaning.............finally.......break! sleep and rest ti'll shannon picks me up. *consider* i think i am going to leave this layout for a while....its growing on me. i like it.
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just want to say... i have nothing to say.
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Thursday, March 20, 2003
i couldnt sit still and so i made this page. i wanted everything to be seen just like mebs, but with frames. the other reason was that i found this pic of a gas station and it was by chance that i got my letter of graduation and that means its definetely a new phase for me, so next destination?! im here recharging right now waiting to embark on to a whole new direction...therefore gas station/pit stop! it all works out. i couldnt wait to put it up, so here it is! (busy weekend so i made it tonight)
joeMillionare was awesome! the ending was great! i guessed right and dont you just love/believe in a fairytale ending!
my brother is in a school overnight retreat right now. i wanna go too! i seem to have very fond memories of my past, i guess i am pretty lucky! my friends has been calling a lot which is good! see expect less and give more!
i got all my graduation forms and fees handed in coz they are due little time they give us....urghhh....
wow! i got plans!
friday night is going to see paulo's new house
saturday is voting day and help at aunt's place
sunday i will see teri and bec
ok later all!
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nudge: that is all it takes to set me off. i get pissed of easily and that is no good. its a being patient thing. i ask myself "why are they doing this and that...blah blah" its seems like i have no patient for anyone. well this was the case yesterday coz i was so annoyed with people that dont clean up after themselves or say things to set me off (they dont know that they do but their tone to me is like they are questioning my actions and motives).
i feel so detached about the whole war thing, i know its a serious world problem but i feel like this is about stupid individuals that just want to fight (for power and greed) and do whatever they want, they dont bother consulting their people because we all know that once they are in power they change their minds in a lot of issues. so whatever happens..... pray that we all survive this!
btw yesterday to celebrate my letter for graduation. i stuffed myself with food and got a cake! lol!
:: semi-old skool >> Brandy feat. LL Cool J - Sittin' Up In My Room (Remix).
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Wednesday, March 19, 2003
its very possible: i finally received my letter to graduate. it will be on april 28, 12 noon!!!!! i am so happy!!!
Arvinlexter Soriano will receive the award of Bachelor of Computer Science. it seems so impossible thinking about this day and now i am getting it!
ps. here are some filo songs, i like a lot!
Jessa Zaragoza - Bakit Pa
Piolo Pascual - Kailangan Kita
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overly critical: i make things complicated. its a stupid trait...a simple situation where i could have just decided right then and there ......but noooo i worried about it for days and now its ok. and the worst thing was that i was being cynic about the whole situation vainly thinking that i was thought of. anyways enough with all these paranoia. its fine and its ok. time waisted in worrying and analysis...chill out arvin!
i remember in high school where i played tennis in school sport with shannon being my partner. i used to run for the balls (when they go out or fault or their turn to pick up) when i dont need to and just wate time for everyone and effort from my part.... then shannon always says...."let it be". why cant i just do that.
here is a quote from a song, soak up the sun by sheryl crow >> "its not having what u want, its wanting what you've got!"
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Sunday, March 16, 2003
isnt it ironic: just when i dont catch the bus [in that bus stop] anymore they built a bus shelter. (i saw it when we walked home from church) i caught that bus for 4 years while in uni and today i saw that they built a bus shelter and i thought the so many times i wished for it while i waited there for 4 years when the bus was either late (a lot) or the weather was too hot or raning. i guess its not for
i just remembered something bec wrote and here it is..."Now, it must seem to anyone who may read this and who does not know me, that I am one friggin' mess but that's the thing. It's not so obvious and more a thing that is just under the surface." - i agree! it seems like everything is fine in the surface, but inside it feels like a big mess (i didnt really have to need to translate

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Saturday, March 15, 2003
i really like this song right now, its true. we think that by lying we are fixing something, making it better but they make things worst and you end up being fucked. this song explains it all.

Dear lie
You suck
You said you could fix anything
Instead I'm fucked
You made things even worse for me
If I had balls I'd tell you get away from me
Guess I'm not smart
I let you unnerve me
I let you control me
Afraid the truth would hurt me
When it's you that hurts me more

Get outta my mouth
Get outta my head
Get outta my mind
Stop puttin' words in my head
Get outta my mouth
You're nothing but trouble
Get outta my life
Get out of me
Out of me (out of me)
Out of me
Out of me lie
Lie lie lie lie

Dear lie
You're dumb
You think you've got the best of me
You think you've won
Misread my vulnerability
I've got your walls
Now get the hell away from me
I've learned your art
Won't let you unnerve me
Won't let you control me
The truth will only free me
And your lies won't hurt no
No more


Lie lie
I've got (I've got)
Your walls (your walls)
Now get the hell away from me
I've learned your art (your art)
Won't let you unnerve me
Won't let you control me
The truth will only free me
And your lies won't hurt no
No more


Lie lie
Dear lie
Lie Lie Lie Lie
Lie Lie
Dear lie

>> TLC ~ (Babyface and Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins)
1999 ECAF Music, Inc. (BMI) and Grung Girl Music (ASCAP)
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hey! this is my new layout, its very similar to other previous one. i got the image from getty images and the quote from somewhere i forgot. the title "everyday" is from a song i really like by b4-4 who also sang another favourate which is "endlessly".
this layout means to learn, have hope and live each day fully! remember the feeling when u were young and on a swing on a bright sunny day full of joy.
maybe i'll make another one with that quote i have below coz its also nice. i like this, although there's a few pop-ups coz of the frames but its all good!
i have nothing else to say right now coz i feel sleepy and tired. wait i do......i was talking to viv today and she brought up the topic of loyalty with friends and the ideal best friend, usually one that will always remain loyal to you and vice versa. is this possible in group friends? since that is something i have. i believe that is possible, anything is right? also....i believe that friendship can survive from distance and time, well thats how i see it. although i know its hard its also possible....good friends always do last a lifetime, or maybe im just a romantic dreamer thinking like this as viv put it.
ohh... since its lent, its seafood friday and tonights dinner was yum!
>> sheryl crow - soak up the sun
>> Akinyele -Put It In Your Mouth
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Friday, March 14, 2003
update: an and sherwin came over to print stuff relating to job hunting. my mum got her reading glasses which are both very nice! and dad said he has better eyes than fusion is coming to an end very soon, people are quiting and not making an effort anymore. so elite/groove? might be their last performance. barkely and qt made a mess coz its raning and mud all over the backyard so i had to clean it up. i had the worst-worst headache wednesday night which i told amali all about it. i cant wait for joeMillionare's decision and the twist in a twist thing they say they have. paulo called me and i might help them move to their new house. i love our new shower and this is becoming my favourate quote thingy-ma-jig.
Five rules to be happy.
1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.
and always Thank God for all your blessings.
same rank as be happy, be smart, be nice!
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Tuesday, March 11, 2003
i need sleep coz i have to take care of charlene tomorrow. she is so cute, she is starting to walk and smile cute. say thnigs like i love you and opps....and many the usual mummy and daddy plus ate and weird stuff like peek boo...... shes so great to take care of but the thing i dont like is that she is getting fussy with what she eats. but shes so cute...did i say cute?!
got more news about friends through blogs/emails/chat and its so nice that they are ok. had topics talk with viv today and meb is tryin to get us tickets to see avril.
family is good.......great dinner home cook meals....nothing beats it!!!!!!! and the dogs are getting wet with the rain..they run around does animals/dogs take care of themselves when they are ill coz they can most of the time. wow. animal instincts....
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i have been updated! as in friends called me up. i usually dont really do casual calls to say hello, i have been trying though. anyway, An called me this morning and Hosai called me last night and we just spoke about whats been happening. well their life had been so busy and so many things happened while i had nothing much to say. its just nice hearing what they are up to. Hosai is doing at least one subject and is fixing some stuff a with the other while she is doing this course that i want to do (practical computers). An just came back from the holidays and broke up with her bf and found a new friend......thats the jist... i am happy to hear that they are ok!
24 and sex and the city was on last night! awesome entertainment! its raining and sunny and again raining and back to sunny and now its raining again.....ok. discusion ... can u spot a slut, millionare, stupid person...etc...bacause i watched ricki about gold diggers.
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Sunday, March 09, 2003
how scarry. i am 22 and i just found how DEPENDANT i am to so many people, family and friends. wait.....the worst thing is that i found that i dont really have guts too. i mean i would do things if i HAVE to but i wouldnt do things for many reason coz my head picks at it at every angle making the situaion impossible. wow... this needs to changed. i mean other people would think differently and stuff but thats how i saw myself today. scarry but it needs to be changed!!! that i gotta do. PRONTO! plus some people think i write and think like i am in junior high i say... and taking it
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Saturday, March 08, 2003
i feel so much better now. i am one of those people that says its alright even though its not. hoping that i trick my mind that everything is all fine and recently i had to face it and as you know i havent been feeling well coz all the bottling up didnt work so now i have released all the issues and hopefully everything well be a lot better.
i needed to vent and realize the bigger picture just as meb said. i have been solemn for the last few posts and i am one sad we all have our days. viv's page is getting there and i get the whole update on that so i wish her well.
i am not looking for a job right now and i am actually ignoring the fact that in a month or so i would be thrown out there begging for a job... begging is the operative word coz that is what my resume screams....i find it very not impressive and needs a lot of work....i wish bec all the luck in her job search coz shes looking as in really out there amlee and beenz who are also in it...
my domestic life is getting better as in we are all more tolerant and less bro and sis performed with fusion again last thursday and it went well. carla is doing ok in tafe. kevin is enjoying year11 and is gonna go to retreats....i remember mine....i miss it too! mum and dad are helping a bit with relos in phils coz they are rebuilding a house and they still do their exercise walk which is sweet and healthy....barkley and qt (pet dogs) are getting a lot of walks and baths now...especially after the egging for me i am still babysitting...what else....thats all...
i havent written anything like this here for a while so that is the life update...its all good!
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sometimes i wish i didnt care too much. its so frustrating since you cant control other peoples behaviours and basically your left holding on while everyone is runnig away. i feel that way and the result of this will become, i dont really care anyway sort of an attitude which is the complete opposite, so im trying to stay balance here.
i just finished posting to the friends blogs....i guess that time has come where the norm has disappeared and you just have to start from scratch again. i so miss uni, that was the norm for 4 years and now that it is all over. i just have to see what happens now and accept the fact that its different now and stop holding on to what it was. its a whole new ball game!
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Thursday, March 06, 2003
its late and i dont feel like staying up. i was going to. i am just realizing how fortunate i am and i feel guilty about the whole thing... i feel such an idiot, i sit here saying that i am fortunate than people i know or not know and i am complaining coz i am feeling guilty about it. where i should be doing something to help out which i cant....i can..... but im just not doing amything....i feel so useless right now. i heard news from phils and thats one of those things that get me down as well as third world country stuff...that could have easily been me. i need to pick myself up and grow up a little more.
its like that story in church where this guy ask God "why are you making those people go hungry" and then God replied..."thats why i made you"...(meaning he want us to help each other)...but there is only so much we can do..
its Lent right now if u observe the catholic religion and its about asking for forgiveness and forgiving, sacrifing and donating and praying*
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sometimes i have to get pissed....coz its gonna be deffered one day.... the bottle will be opened and all the issues comes back and haunt you........
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Wednesday, March 05, 2003
hey! i got back to trillian, its working so i am gonna be chatting when i get the chance. so if u see me and have a second or 2 say hello! i miss chatting, it was fun and quick communication, not my first choice but a simple hello is good enough and knowing that they are there!
its raining/shower right now and i am thinking that i want to run outside and play like we always did in the philippines. it was tropical rain so it was different and more playable since its like a sun shower most of the time, but its kinda cooled so i want to go to bed and sleep, if i cant sleep i'll dream of a far away land. btw i am making new characters and story in my head and if im motivated enough i might start writing.
its ash wednesday and we're gonna go to church tonight, but sherwin is planning to drop by and pick up his cook book and print some stuff. anyways i had tuna sandwich for lunch coz i cant eat meat (religion not on a diet), though i am tempted coz mum and dad made tusino..mmm...ok later!
ps. i am realizing that i actually eat fine with some occasional bad stuff, and that i shouldnt change that too much...its just that i dont exercise/move enough...thats what i need to change...duh....
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Tuesday, March 04, 2003
its weird.... i was aswering this questionare and this thing came on about on what do i look forward to. and i have nothing to say. i am not really looking forward to anything. omg. i have no plans or anything....i was blank and i stil have no big plans yet... should i be worried? coz i am not really as i said i am just taking it day by day....
ps. i wanna get back to chatting...any suggestions?
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Sunday, March 02, 2003
yesterday turned out really good! i had to miss ness and michael's party.
after delays and lateness plus passing through the mardi gras and having to cross it to get to the karaoke, we made it. meb, emle and me meet sherwin at the karaoke (world) place where we sang our heart out and enjoyed it. it was only an hour maybe less before we went to eat at this asian place (barbeque something). we talked and enjoyed the meal and each others company (SAMA).
emle then had to get home and the rest of us went clubbing, daintree had a brazillian theme so we said we would try home. house music was alright (like dance) but can be too repetetive for me , so we checked other rooms (plus balcony and chill rooms) which was kinda similar but adding a bit more pop or grunge or rnb, etc.. we liked the rnb where these guys freestyled and it was pretty awesome, got the crowd going.
left at 2. meb drove me and sherwin to parra and i got home from there using public trnasport which i didnt really like but had no choice and finally dropped to bed by 5. its awesome!
chrarlene's 1st b-day party was today and was so nice!!! she looks adorable of course! plus i stuffed myself with nice food! i eat so much!
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