Sunday, June 30, 2002
Kierans party was a blast..(saw claire, anne, cassie and michelle). I enjoyed it and i think viv did too!!! it was fun....both good and bad though.......not all good....... I'll write more later.
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Saturday, June 29, 2002

decided to write but didnt.


its so cold, i fell like im so alone
its dark, and its so hard to see
i wanna be somewhere else
away from all these misery

i shouldnt think this way
its not right to fell the way i do
its just now that im down
i know this will be over soon

im just gonna smile now
its gonna be alright
starting to feel nice
hey, i can see the warm light


"Just like you, I get lonely too"


parents went car hunting.....bro and sis are doing dress rehearsal for their performance next week!

im going to kierans party with viv tonight (so happy shes coming) !!!!!!

and ive noticed that there is some tension in my stuff and its so cold.....both ways (metap and liter)

(look at the so weird....freaky)

i wanna say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to my dear friend AMALI!!!! happy 21st!!!!!!! best wishes.....cant wait for ur party!!!!!

and thanks to meb for giving us those lift to the station or at our nice of her.....going out of her way to do nice...especially those road adventure and trips when the roads are closed....

and thanks to jos and her dad for the lift as wel!!!!! so nice of you guys!!!!!!!!

what esle.......ok gonna go is good!!!!!!!! thats true, hello whatever and joke (banned words and no cyber punches)

......for real...thanks all you guys!!!!!

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Friday, June 28, 2002
new pics here!!!!

ps: meb...i made the pics u dont like really small.....u can barely see hope ur not mad....jos thinks its fine....tiny....cant see....we all look goofy
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Thursday, June 27, 2002
exam weeks........yey!!!! finish.....let me pass all of these..... please!!!!!
no time to post these....wrote them offline.....

sunday 10:55pm - 23june2002

about to go to sleep. i know its early and i should study more, but i think i did enough today, actually maybe i will after i write this. the pictures from this week was so funny, actually friday and especially
saturday. those funny faces are a crack up. they are so funnnnyyyyyyyyy..........i think its appropriate wheni write........ lol.........(dont u think meb?)

highlights............(jos,, viv and meb......- roya and hosai went home early.......)
-we had a conversation about what names we like....
-ethical queston....... what would u do.............
-what would happen to us....the friendship............
(taped by meb....secrectly????? buzzzzzz)

after all the meetings tutorials and group study.....well CA exam was done, it was so hard, its what i expected even though i was wishing for an easy exam, she made it hard of course, but before that there was this drama. when we got into the exam room they realized that the table was shared and since it was an open book, we needed a whole table. so she gave us a choice to do it now, but not complain or do it 4 weeks later during supplementary exam with no penilisation, we (viv, hosai, roya and me) hosai as we all should have guess didnt and viv was this close of not doing it, if jos didnt do it, she wouldnt and she was pulling jos not to do it, hosai was happy that it happened, i think and roya and me were gonna do it, and jos too.....and for some reason sherwin was studying with us....

after the exam, we were more relaxed that it was finished, well i was, but yet still sad coz i was feeling like i failed it.....please no......let them pass were dreading, giving the money to roya g......what will she say about it, she wanted the 12 hour in our was so weird especially that she was a friend and we are paying her like this, i mean she helped us, but its seems cold and formal to me....anyways we gave it to her ather flat and headed home coz we were so tired, i got home, migrane hurtung so bad, cant hardly eat and went to bed at 8pm

viv called me at 10pm and we talked ti'll 1am and she hasnt eaten and just came home from the shops.....i was falling asleep talking to her coz of my headacheand finally woke up and had proper dinner while we chatted........talking about stuff.....i dont know...superficial???? thats what she says, well mainly about people and friends and tv............its cool......

the next day, jos, me and meb....studied for OOP which was pretty good and amlee, roya and beenz didnt come and hosai was of course late............

jos had to go to me, meb and hosai.....just hanged and did some online quiz for OOP and stufff.........we decided then to go to burger king!!!! food was nice and talked a while and we missed the world cup....brazil vs england! brazil won ....yeye!!!!!!!!!!!...........and had pictures..........

saturday came and i went to jos house where meb can pick us up.....meb told me that shed come at 11:30 so i said ok....she decided to come 10 to 12...........we were suppose to meet at 12...she justr wanted me to come early so she wont be alone there........ok .........we took a scenic root at werrinton and took some really cool pics with the lake and the art buildings......the weather was so nice for a picnic and stood there to nice.....

got to the library....waited a few seconds to open and studied...........after a few hours of studying (actually jos was teaching me and meb).........just before hosai came.......we talked about some stuf about religion and fears which was awesome and then we studied some more with hosai........library closed and so we needed to find another place to study.......we studied outside the computer labs, sherwin joined us.....took some pictures afterwards to remember the moment.....

then meb, jos and me wen to taco bell/ was nice and we decied to sit on the baby and talked for ages..........learnt so much about each other and so cool........meb took me and jos all the way home which was so nice of her!!!!! ...........missed world music award and the amazing race.....urghh...but it was all worth it......

got home and had another drama.....apparently my brother and sister who drove went to drop this girl (from a production they are doing) at her house at around 7:30pm.......parents said only 30 mins and come home was 10pm when i got home and they werent home yet.....parent were furioused and worried.........we looked fro phone number and could not find thoese people, they forgot the mobile at home and we ended up going to jens house and get the numbers but she wasnt there.......when we got back home from jens house, carla and kev was pulling up to the drive way........they got into so much trouble........big trouble.......they went to eat and talk with friends....who knows where..........but i think they took it easy......ended up watching music clips with them ti'll 12pm......i went onoline and update my layout......

today mum and dad went to look for a new car........bro and sis went to practice and i studed OOP.......saved the photos...cant wait to show my friends tomorrow....

oh.....and relos from the internet ....way cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!we can send letters/meesages/pics also cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sleep now.....meeting with friends for group study tommorow......OOP exam is on wed.............wish me luck...also for me getting my green p license...........night!!!!


26jun2002 - wed8:10pm

what is the problem i came home just now, my last exam this semester (it was hard....worried).... was today 9 to 12pm...i decided to stay at uni............with friends and just hang and surf....didnt feel like going home yet, i wanted to stay there, not go home and just do nothing or clean......
yes i was late, yes i didnt call....
i got home and found that my parents called all my friends and asked where i was, if they saw me............. and then they ask why i came home late and i said i wanted to just surf and not come home then clean and do nothing...i mean its my last day..........what would i actually do at home....
they told me why didnt you call....and if u dont want us to stop worring...leave ...........they said they were so worried.........hello im 21......cant they just give me space.....
basically they always know what what i am doing, what time my classes are, i have to explain why i am late.....what am i doing, where......who are my friends....they know everything.....what do they want......want me to go home.......and do what...........
the message here would be so differenti would be stressing about my exam and my green p test and jos's thoughts....


27jun2002 -thu5:30pm

its so cold.........literally.......and the other one.........i got into trouble last night for loitering at uni.....and not calling..........blah blah blah.....old news but my mum is being hostile and still pissed at me, on the other hand my dad is so nice now......and over it......its so weird coz my mum is home coz she's got leave for work for a couple of days......and all she does is clean most of the time....and when i got home from my green p car licence test (passed yey!!!) and a couple of hours at the local library(net and read).......i arrived at home and mum was still i didnt do anything for a decided to might at well clean my my parents went grocery shopping and bro and sis are sleeping......after school they do that.....was i that tired when i was in highschool??? not sure...but i cant wait to see the productions that they are with.....the keep practicing and meeting.....looks good from what i see....

sad aunt has cancer and i hope she gets well soon, they said that its good that they found it really early.....but shes gonna go under the knife again...please God...make her well again.

our pet dogs are so cute.....i was patting them a while ago.....they are so nice..........its so cold outside.....are they cold???? i mean they have a dog house and blanket and fur...wont it be weird of they talk....

ok........yesterday.....was kinda a let down last exam basically for most of us except meb but.........everyone was down and it was beenish's last day...................we took pictures and careved our names at one of the of those moments.....

as usual hosai supped the test .....but she had to do fla test...which was acceptable.....the rest of us (meb, me roya) looked unsatisfied when we got out except benz and amlee........viv's done it already and did jos do that exam???

last week at burger king with meb, hosai and me.....was really was a different scene from the school cafe.....canteen or chickenman.....we talked, ate, laughed and took pictures......bonding moment......but at taco bell/kfc with jos, me and meb.......was really fun too....took pictures, ate, laughed, and had a loooooong was so nice....even pur butt was hurting coz we decided to seat on those baby had so many things to say.....we never ran was bonding time.......jos wrote something in the shell blog.....and it really captured the closenes...not just of the moment but for the whole group......u feel like you belong there and these are ur friends.....they challenge you, learn from each other, laugh with and share and care for.....even though there are unspoken words......we are honest with each other and even though some things we hear might not be somethnig u want....u feel comfortable with it......coz no matter what..... they still accept you and ur still part of the shell rings.....

some reliazation......

*it was actually nice that roya g was teaching was but the $$$ went overboard.....we saw her yesterday at the library with her husband....i dont think she saw us....but she didnt say hello.....was she not satisfied on what we paind her....????.....somebody needs to call her......shes still our friend and everything.....

*while studying for oop, it was so nice that jos taught us, she was really good and smart......she did that...even though she was studying herself as well.....i just wanna mention that coz, she was teaching us the stuff.......hope we all pass all our subjects!!!!!!! please God!!!!!

*i cant wait ti'll saturday night at parties party.....i am so gald that viv is coming with me.....

gonna make a collage with the photos!!!!!!

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Sunday, June 23, 2002
finished my new layout! like the colour and layout! i do!!!!! i quickly made this during study breaks so yeah....and i have so much to tell you bout this week.....write it tomorrow...wanna sleep...lots more studying to do!
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cool test at ----->

Initial Analysis........

You are a very sensitive person and you try hard (perhaps a little too hard) to make favorable impressions and to be recognized by your peers. But you have that inherent need to feel appreciated and admired and you are easily hurt if all of your endeavors go by unappreciated or not acknowledged. Stop trying so hard. ....

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~its really good!
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updating my page.....
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Tuesday, June 18, 2002
happy birthday mariebel~!!!
have fun!!!!!!!
celebrate later.......gonna go study now!
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Mon - 17 june 2002 - 2:10pm

howdee! howdee?

An called me today while i was studying for SAIT, shes doing one more subject to graduate next year and was asking me how to get to the Parra Campus for that subject. After the whole directions thing, we started to talking about how everything is going, shes fine, job is kinda boring and she kinda miss studying and free time as well as meeting new people. I told her about CA and the fact that my grades are not good enough to pass, (lecturer) and that i must have an excellent final exam paper for her to pass me and in the letter she even added it is unlikely coz of ur lab maeks being so low, but i have a hope, so i assured an and myself that i will do extra well in the final on Thursday for CA, but i still feel sad that i have a chance of failing this and coming back next year.

While i was studying for SAIT for tomorrows exam, i kept thinking about what ifs and figuring out if things were different, basically i was regretting things that i did in the past, it is one of the worst feeling and i cant help but think about what if i passed those subjects that i failed, and all those decsions that i thought were little made a great impact in me failing the subject. I had the chance do make it better or right but i simply just said oh well.....all those times, i can still remeber them, they were decided in 3 seconds and had a repercussin effects right now. What if i did it different. At the time it was the better idea, now they have been mistakes and now i have deal with the consequeces. What if.

I hate that question, in uni. that question is always in my mind. What if.

I read this thing and it said a story and when asked if the situation is bad, they said i cant tell, good or bad..... Basically it is saying that in a bad situations some good actually comes from it, and in good situations some bad might come from it, so take it as it is and only time will tell. Also there is no such thing as a mistake, things happen for a reason.

But its so hard to deal with things and if u dont deal with it now, it will come back and haunt you, and thats the truth.

Last night i got a cal form viv and basically talked for a few hours about things, not sure if they are superficial or deep, but im not going to exaplin that right now, the point is that its makes me feel better when i know someone else is there on similar situation, u wont feel alone, but viv is basically finished and i still have along way to go. It feels like i still have along way to go.

I am always positive, but there are just times like right where, where i can deal and think about what my emotions and how i am really feeling about it. I know i will finish this degree, but right now, it seems like i cant reach it. I know i have come so far and i am suppose to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but frankly i cant see it, just like what i said to meb. Its far from over and all i have to do is take it one day at a time and live today not tomorrow or yesterday.... today!

Writing all this makes me feel a little better, but i cant stop now, i have sat here and feel sad and thought about stuff, now im gonna go and continue and do what i need to do.

But before i study some more, might give myself some snack and i still have to clean the house....urghh......later!

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Sunday, June 16, 2002
been studying...trying to study all day.....its something done. i cant seem to sit and do ca for more than half an hour, its one of those subjects that i cant stand, but i have to do it, studying for sait was better, it was quick and a lot easier.
i ended up sleeping around 4am and woke up at 11am and started studying at 1pm and now taking a break for an hour or 2.
just not in the mood and too much work....but im gonna stay up 2night to get the lectured done, meaning knowing the key points and stuff.
i am getting hooked at the song....soak up thr sun by sheryl crow...thanks to casey.... coz she has it on her page....btw me and sheryl has the same b-day....and so ive been soaking up then sun......and tell everyone to lighten up.......lalala....i did....this morning/afternnon.....
other than just trying to do CA and more CA.....whoooopteeeedooo......
i have to get an excellent mark for this coz my lab marks are so low thanks to my wonderful tutor who didnt even give me credit that i was doing the pracs alone without a partner......and my other friends are doing fine i mean a lot better than me.....they pass the test.....they pass sad about it........i dont want to fail this subject....
thanks though to roya g whoose been helping us! thanks roya g!!!!!!! i still have chance and still have a hope!!!!!!
ok gonna surf a bit more and back to the desk.....send me good mojos everyone!!!!!!
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9:50pm - june 8 2002

I like drowning myself with music, i could listen and chill all day. Makes me feel happy, sad, excited, mellow, hyper, love, anger and passionate. It also makes me remember the days gone by, whats happeing right now and what could be.

Im at home, wearing warm clothes, the heater on, my daggy beanie and thick socks. The music is playing softly and im about to get some warm chocolate. I'll be back.

Yeah the drink is finshed. So nice. Just being here. Content.


i just finished studying for SAIT.....lots of reading......but i got it done.....yey!

just having a midnight break and check email and download some notes for CA that i need to study tommorow....

wish me luck!!!!

ps. the amazing race is still so good!!!!

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Thursday, June 13, 2002
Take the 'What kind of Wing are you?' quiz!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2002
last night i went to sleep at 9:30pm i told myself i feel tired and staying up will not work and i would just sleep. so i put the alarm at 3:30am. i woke up fun, i was standing up next to my bed leaning on my warm pillow persuading myself to do study. so i went to the bathroom, the water so cold. i got myself to the kitchen and put on the kettle while i waited i turned on the tv, my bro was sleeping in the lounge for some reason. he woke up, i told him im studying..sometalk show was on and the danoz direct new fitness system...i finally got myself back tot he kithen to make hot chocolate....i sat down to start studying, my head still sleeping, sip chocolate read....for less than an hour and headed back to bed.....what a waste of time...

i woke up at 6:50, went to my sis room and put on the heater, asked her if she was gonna go to school coz she had been sick....she said no...

i danced around in the lounge with the loud speakers......yes....i dance....

had breakfast and left for the bus, 10 minutes early..walked to the bus stop...sat and waited and the bus went pass me....coz another bus was bloking it.......and the driver was i tried going to the bus already there, but didnt see me and drove away....

the bus i caught went halfway around the world and i got to the station an hour and 10 minutes since i left the house. the train fortunately came soon and unfortunately it was freezing when i walked through the park.

i got to the library and studied with roya and loraine came and hosai didnt turn up for the exam. the exam was hard and spoke with the lecturer, and were praying we pass it.

roya and i had lunch and went to meet everyone to study CA. after that i checked the email if eva had responded to my email regarding my really low lab marks and if i have a chance of failing, the letter wasnt that good, she said its low and hard, the chances are slim. but i have hope she said that to pass i must perform excellent in my exam. i have chance please god, even if it is slim, i have a chance.....please let me do very well in the exam .......i can do this!

photocopy sait stuff and meb told us about oop notes! yey! and then surf the web...and check mail......did some quiz and just chill.....jos, viv and meb decied not to come with me to kierans party and so i am emailing bec, teri and ness....hope they email asap!

i couldnt really talk or wasnt that excited the rest of the day and decided to catch the bus instead of getting a lift with jos.....thanks anyways jos! waited and saw family friend but was to far away so didnt say hi and she didnt say hi to me when i saw her last time so i did the same..who cares.....i had time to be alone and deal with CA.....and just be alone for a home eat and tc and now just chill and do nothing,.........i am tired and i'll study CA starting tomorrow! wish me luck!!!!!!

ok....later all!!!!!!

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i wrote all that.... xus....... and it just disappered....write it email.....fla exam...miss bus...walk cold........photocopy sait........oop from morning.... surf/email.....more later......
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Tuesday, June 11, 2002
sitting in the library, nothing to do ......waiting for my friends that are LATE.......AGAIN.......they have some excuse when the come and then they tell to get a mobile phone, its not that easy........welll we were supose to mee to at 9:30 and 10 am and its 10:46 wow......i will call them at 11......i dont want to do anythnig other than sleep and sleep some more, i am just so tired....whats with all my dots.....there it goes again.

gonna check email and surf then call them. urghhhhhh......
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Monday, June 10, 2002
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my brother is actually 16 is said to be.......


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something to think meaningful......


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You're "lol". You're so common it's scary.

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You are a CR-V. Your love for things outdoorsy tells you to go for your rugged impulses as they come. When necessary, you can be conservative and handle a night out on the town with a friend. Normally, though, you're a fun loving person, and your friends can't resist your good natured charm.

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::::: Arvin was distracted @ 1:49 AM -

went to cats party!!!!!!!!!! ......21st...awesome time........
food was great (greek food) and great to see her and everyone!!!!!!
who was there? carol and wayne, bec, sumrah and her husband, cat of course and teri and me and the rest of her family and relos...and some other friends!
so awesome! had a great time! so much to say and sumrah is pregnant, shes fine and everyone is looked so happy!
ok thats all for now! night!

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Saturday, June 08, 2002
just updated the pictures section! the june 2002 are all new and if u haven't checked the others here they are!
here are the links....(also in the pictures section) enjoy!

June 2002

My Cousins
An's 21st Birthday Party
Get together - Coast Getaway - with High School Friends - Paulo and Shannon's 21st Birthday Trip
Uni. friends 2002SEM1 pic1
Uni. friends 2002SEM1 pic2
Uni. friends 2002SEM1 pic3
Uni. friends 2002SEM1 pic4
The Fellowship of the Shell Rings

February 2002

2000 Sydney Olympic Games

January 2002

old pics and my baby pics
chillin' at Chilis
S.A.D. Team
karaoke on Therese's B-Day
misc photos
hang-out at uni 2001
our pets
my family
cousins wedding
picnic day
driving around
family picture

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Friday, June 07, 2002
oh, let me check this again!
the sem is nearly finish...
assignments are gone
now the final exams.....
i am having mixed feelings
but i know its ok
its good i told you that....
but u knew it anyway
that... its hard to be happy for someone
when u are in the dumps,
its true what u say,,,,
it cant always be like that***
it actually rarely happens...
am i crazy thinking that
for some people they dont happen at all
specifically now......
that joke wasnt funny, u know
my heart just sank
even if they are in good heart
lets just hope for a miracle and hard work on my part
why do i need reminding
what do they really want to say?
i just cant get over it, but i have to
and let me get credit for my exams.
wish and pray***
thanks for that...
at least i told you.
wish me luck?
we can all do this!
i couldnt have done it wihout you guys!
all in all this sem was a blast!
now having a break then
study for final exams!
and by the time we know it......
after the exams!
we can get together
remembering all our fun times!
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Wednesday, June 05, 2002
please sign my new guestbook if you happen to drop by! have an awesome day / night !!!
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Monday, June 03, 2002

i've been busy for the last 2 weeks! and more to come in the next 2 weeks!
thats why this is basically frozen most of the time!
so tiring! last weeks of the semester and lotsa work and assessments due and of course the dreaded final exams!
cant wait ti'll the winter break, but we might do a course, not sure yet!
and invited to 2, 21st birthdays and a couple of get together! something to look forward to!
wish me luck in my exams and assessments! i can do this!
i'll add links to stuff and some stuff that are pretty cool to have somethnig here.......
here is one the ........ coast getway had an awesome time! check out the pics!

::::: Arvin was distracted @ 10:09 AM -

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