Friday, May 31, 2002

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Thursday, May 30, 2002
ummmmm.....hello and how are u!

me........i am feeling really tired (all the posing - actually not really coz all the clicks), my stomach is hurting (ate too much), i have a test tomorrow (havent started)

the amazing race starts tomorrow! tape it coz i'll be late from the quiz.....(exciting!!!!!!!!! ) so (fans = arvin, tighty and meb)

lotsa picture taking today......everywhere, so much fun especially the midair jump

i cant stay for long coz my sis needs to do and assignment

bro is so lucky! he's got an overnigh camp, he just called and said hello.....

meb picked as up.....dinner was delish...

the fellowship was there except j-lo and anf bog......oh wellll.....

got to go i have to download notes and print....and stargate is on now, so i have to go!

i have a question......when there is a joke or something someone says as a there usually some truth to it........? jos and i agree...

lunch was good, me, jos, ama and viv and topics includes, movies, production companys, crying, ethics and dream....and ricki lake plus food......

some sex interludes all through out the day including nasty dirty names.......

u probably wont understand this.....just a quick note to remember

and meet shamayla, masuta and loraine...some of hosia and royas people........

yesterday we had a driving adventure to pick up beenish.........missing out on fla....

ps...i had a crap mark for iwsd ass1

lastly busy this week.....lotsa last minute/days for the semester to hand in assingments and pracs and s%$#$#.......wish me all the best!

later all!!!! and thanks for reading this!
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Monday, May 27, 2002
i mean its been slow for a while and that i cant defrag it.......what if i full format it....would it go...i need answers!!....cant belive this!
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i just came to icq and my friend left me an offline message.....hey are u and then said i think u have virus in your computer.....what.....i told him to email me about as soon as he can.......geez...i dont need this right now, is that a joke......i hope so........freak man.
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i am so prodictive today. i woke up early and got to do so many thing around the house, i still have stuff to do a bit later, erands and i think the day is well, i am happy. got to go, i think i am an early morning person! although i like nightlife and the occasional sleeping in.......but all in all am an early morning riser!
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Sunday, May 26, 2002

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i think i am addicted too!!!!!!! so many quizes!!!!!

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Saturday 10pm:
(last Saturday and Sunday) I had an awesome time at Shannon and Paulo's weekend party getaway! It was so good! The day I came was Saturday and I was picked up by Paulo's bro and his gf, the trip was around 2 hours and they were really nice and basically the way there we were listening to this mixed rnb music, it was pretty good!

I got there and everyone was hurrying to get ready for the trip. They told me what happened the night b4, where Paulo was rushed to the hospital from food poisoning (dom had stomach ache too), he was alright when I arrived. Everyone was there, Paulo, Shannon, Ed, Sarah, Nat, Dominique and John are my friends and also Paulo's other brother and gf and his parents and some friends were on the way?

The day basically consisted of driving around Hunter Valley vineyards and testing wines, cheese and jams, mostly wines though?. it was awesome. By the end of the day I was feeling really tired?all the driving was insane, We went to this really fancy resort restaurant where we had this lunch I had this really bad pasta, yuck?I should have had the burgers?. the pasta was swimming in fat basically, something with pesto or something. When we got back to the Rafferty's Resort where we were staying, we had barbeque, at that time I felt left out and kinda sad, so basically I just kept quit all night, everyone noticed and kept asking are u all right, and I said I'm fine. We watched Spiderman and had a midnight conversation until 2am with ed and john.

The next day we all had showers and started packing to set off to Port Stevens for dolphin watching and then go home?.and I didn't realize this day was going to be so awesome!!!!

The car ride was all right yesterday we had more talking but this time just karaoke with the radio. We got there and found that the boat had left already and started to think of something else to do, luckily there was this boat that was running late, so we hurried to the boat and sailed off the view was beautiful, it was funny and the cold air was just right, the boat was great its kinda like sail boat but modified for dolphin tours. We saw the dolphin which was awesome and the view was awesome too, the water was nice and I had such a great time, I came down for coffee and came back out immediately and after the dolphin watching the sailed was put up and the captain announced that we will sail back to the harbour the wind was picking up and the clouds started to appear, it was getting cold.

The sailboat raced down to the port, it was awesome, me and dom were mainly the only one of the group that was out in the front and we were so excited, it was just awesome, we got to the shore and had lunch. And the 4-hour drive home was about to set off. Again more karaoke than talking, had a gas and drive break and set off again and we stopped at Berowra waters I think, we had to drive down, all the way down to this little port had some hot chips and café and it was so peaceful and quite where we reflected about the great weekend, then we were off. I was the first person to be dropped off. I had an awesome time!

Ok back track?..Last Friday we had some major picture taking around uni it was awesome and funny, I'll post some pictures a bi later?. The test I got 20/30, which is great, and my brother and his team lost the finals, which was not great. They all came to our house after that and had a bbq which was great!

This week after the weekend away I had so much work to do, I had a presentation last Thursday for SAIT which I did pretty good considering I was not prepared very well scoring 71/100 that's a credit grade and on the same day I had an assignment due for OOP. Tuesday and Wednesday night both days I had a max sleep of 7 hours, I was exhausted and ended up not turning up yesterday for the lecture!

I thought I was going to miss out on yesterday coz viv and jos and meb were going to pandas for lunch after the lecture and some net surfing, meb tagged me to send her the pics and so I sent it the fellowship and emailed me back saying that she was the only one that turned up coz viv was sick and jos decided to come back home when she found out that there was some track work around the next station and had to catch the bus. The plan for pandas for celebration was sabotaged and all the while I was at home chillin and downloading some music and thinking they are probably talking about me, since I was not there, lol.

Today was dark and cloudy and rainy and just felt lazy, watched a movie, panic room, and went online. Ok im going to go sleep coz family is going to a Christening tomorrow at around 9am. Or might do some work?.depends?..

The computer just froze and the music I was making is gone so I have to do it again, so I might be awake a while, no after stage one I'll just sleep and let it run the whole night. Whatever, but don't u just hate when that happens, ur in the middle of something and it just freezes, urghhhh?ok im just going to listen to some music, nothings on tonight, Gilmore girls is finished, I might watch Star Gate tape, but they are using the vcr so I cant?..oh and the vcr is playing up and my computer is playing up too?..I'll complete format it this winter sem break. And that just made me think about uni?drats?ok dokes im going to go and do some other things to do.

Sunday 8pm:
I just read a letter from phils, I'm saddened by it, the details is basically that life there is really hard and there is nothing I can do right now, im not going to delve into all the specifics, I don't know what to do, for now. The life there is so different, different? the letter made me open my eyes a bit bigger and I have come down from cloud 5. I am aware and hopefully I wont forget it and do something about it. Something?I m going to wash the dishes?..later all???

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Saturday, May 25, 2002
I'm Doc!
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Friday, May 24, 2002
american eagle

What prep label are you?

just a test i did

posted by: arvin

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Thursday, May 16, 2002
i cant believe how good viv and jos's presetation was! it was so good! i have it next week and i m so scared! i need to do very well! i have to!

actually jos is complaining about the tutor saying that she went over the time limit (viv is kinda complaining but she is on high coz this gilr personally complimented her speech), which clearly wasnt the case, now shes on a rampage, she actually just told me off coz i said that she passed in her iwsd yesteday to viv, was that suppose to be a secret? ok im a such a blabber mouth.

paulo called me last night and said that his brother and bro's gf is going to pick me up around 7 am on Sat! what will i talk to them about, for a 2 hour trip! but i heard some people from the group arent coming......whatever......

and I get to see my brothers b-ball final! so i have to get my arse off to the centre right after my exam for iwsd tomorrow.

yesterday i was suppose to come home early and do some research on my presentation but me and jos went pass k-mart to look for something to add for my present, but decided a different approach.......thanks to jos! and also for the rides (car rides - only) she gives me.....

ok got to go and do some research and CA runs......i am having a dejavuh while jos is trying to explain to roya about her speech.....uhmmmm

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Wednesday, May 15, 2002
hey, just came to dl something and fix something, just wanted to say hello and say that im happy! ok got to get ready.. i have a class at 11am....have an awesome day everyone!
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Tuesday, May 14, 2002
i feel so much better now, at first i was thinking that i have no chance of doing the pactical for CA but i read that we have a catch up and i can submit it, thats why im here and not busy testing some computer benchmarks (yes i cant believe i am doing this course! and nealy graduating i cant wait!) and also still reasearching for a presentation for next week!

mothers day! happy mothers day to all mothers.......last sunday well my mum as well as my dad got themselves a some really awesome breakfast in bed, the whole works and some more, like pancakes with ice cream and starberry jam, eggs and toasts, coffee, toasted bread with tomatoe and cheese delight! as well as my mums presents from all of us! she was happy! all is good!

im so organize for school now, just need to start somewhere to study and hopefully less cramming for the finals

did u guys watch alias it is such a cool show! stargate is back on but i missed it, jos please let me borrow the tape!

ok got to go and do some research!
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Sunday, May 12, 2002
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Saturday, May 11, 2002
This Thursday, well we went to chicken man and had a conversation about past loves, love life and some crushes, something we don't talk about to often coz we don't have

Anything else worth noting

* I helped viv, jos, roya and hosai do their CA labs, coz I did it the day b4, so stressful and hard.
* beenz nearly lost her shell ring and we had to go on our 4s to look for it
* azeena came to visit and say good bye for now, coz she'll be going to new Zealand for a while for job reasons as well as her PR
* amali really likes my web page for IWSD and decided to go home early.

At the end of the day we decided to write animals that reminded us of each other. Funny outcomes!

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Last night was awesome, my brother was in the semi-finals, by the way my sisters dance group didn't win the dance, the others were like dancers, and they do break dancing and flips all day, anyways there were really good! My sister can dance!

Ok back to the game! The basketball game was awesome, they were leading by 10 in the first quarter (there is only 2 quarters btw), and during the last minutes of the last quarter they were only trailing by 2 points, we were going crazy, oh no, they have to win! People were cheering and I was clapping and jumping up and down so much, especially that this is my brothers team, he was pretty good, actually the best all rounder in the group! My mum and dad and cousins were there and they were actually versing my cousin's team, Ian, but the way he is pretty good too, but their team was kinda slow starters, I think, my sis didn't come coz she went to a party but she is always there in the other weeks! It was so good! Let, me just say that I can't wait to watch the finals next week with my brother's team hopefully winning the season! (I hink they have 2 seasons in a year for this comp)

On the other hand, Paulo and Shannon's 21st birthday weekend party getaway is on next Friday too! And we are actually supposed to leave at 1pm but I have an exam at 6 pm and my brother's game is at 8pm, I think! So there are some problems! I have to try and email the lecturer and also try and get someone to cam the game! But I wanna be there!

Paulo had a solution that I should go with his bro and gf there on sat morning, 2 hours drive with them, I will be bored, I don't even talk tot them, another suggestion is that I get driven there by Paulo's parents at night, after my exam?. its so bad, I have to email the lecturer I think. I should have done, but I was so busy this week, completely left my brain.

I'm so excited to have a weekend away! With my high school friends of course, I haven't spoken to them for a long time, I would be out of the conversation loop like always (me asking what's happening coz for some reason they manage to keep in touch and me out of it, maybe coz they all have jobs and see each other after work, I think) I mean I told them that I have a blog and that they should read and comment on it once in a while or start a group blog which actually happened but only with a few of them mainly with bec, teri and ness, which is actually excellent right now. They have cable Internet and they can't even sign my guess book, that's cool, I can't make them be interested on something they don't care about. (I should email them again! Maybe they deleted my emails or didn't read them, whatever.) I don't know I hope that I have a great time. No I make sure I have a great time!

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Friday, May 10, 2002
ok.....later people~!
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it works! this is so good and make your blogging so much easier!
easy to install and use!

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yes it did!
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did it work
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im having a great day doing nothing, probably do something later
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Wednesday, May 08, 2002
i just finished an exam, a practical catch up and an assignment. g8t job me....most of them were successful!
abd becouse of those i had to miss my grandpa's prayer thing.......he knows that i really have wanted to come.
mariebel's car.....forgot but we finally saw it! its toyota echo...look sreally good espeicially at night.....
2 things i dont like about it is that its 2 doors and the butt looks kinda flat, but all in all, g8t choice!
ok i wanna sleep....but i cant since i just came home and i just had dinner
heard its sleep after a big yeah i'll just do stuff for a while! later all! *sleepy*
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Sunday, May 05, 2002
its so late and im still awake, just wanted to get this song...

ok, today was kinda bad coz my computer was acting up for a few days now and decided to semi-format it and after that i needed to install all the major programs, pissed me off coz i could be doing something else, this problem blew up my plan for the weekend

my precious plan was gone! even though plans ussually do not happen i still make them, cant help it!.....oh well back to the drawing bored...why? .....why couldnt i just do it?

just found out that kieran has graduated! congrats u! and i saw chris the other day! its good to see him and just got an email from him with his and his girlfriends' pic, cute couple! (chris and kieran are highschool friends)

and also we were sneaking around to get my mum this present for mothers day that we thought was tomorrow but realize it was next weekend....urggghhh...thats cool though, got that done already!

its my cousins house blessing today and it was pretty cool, oh and we saw this movie (viet or chin with subtitles) called shaolin soccer, so funny! blade2 was pretty good too!

uni work starting from tomorrow will be full steam ahead...week 10 now...exam week is 15....wish me luck!

all in all - all is well ! :)

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Friday, May 03, 2002
took the day off.....well not really the lecture was cancelled i think.........sleep in which was so nice and since its friday u guys know what i did the rest of the day! listened and got some chill with the music on the background and maybe move a bit with the
what happpened yeaterday was creepy and yet fun! tell you more out for it in the unifriends link.
later people!
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Wednesday, May 01, 2002
all is good! all is well! kinda tired...sleep is all i need right now then i'll be back to normal.
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