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GAL/PAL cracking

If you have found this site you are probably looking for the same things I am and are probably in the same line of work that I am

Right now I am trying to get the word out for this site and I NEED INPUT from those who find it.
E-mail me and give some sugestions on how this needs set up. At least let me know you have found it and will or won't find it usefull. If you know someone who will find it usefull let them know or tell me how to get in touch with them

What dose PAL & GAL mean? Programed Array Logic & Gate Array Logic. These are programamable devices that contains variuos logic gates and flip-flops. These gate conections are "fused" together to create a logic circuit. This eliminates many TTL/CMOS IC's into one IC chip. Unfortunatly many companies are affraid that some one will steal their design(???), so the manufacturers have instaled a "security bit" which when set prevents reading the chip. This makes repair of PCBs containing the chip near imposible when they fail. Of course the board builder has the program and ultimatly controls how much repair costs are, if they will repair or have not gone out of business, which of course leaves a milion dollar machiene either useles and in need of total replacement or in need of a total conversion to a new control system wich is also very costly. Not to mention the loss of production & money while this is going on, then the compounding afect of an already slow economy wich is hurting industry as it is.

By finding a way around this "security bit" small indipendant serviceing companys can perform these repairs quicker and cheaper saving manufacurers money and keeping more Technicians off the street.




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