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Movie Reviews

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All movies are rated on a scale from 1 to 10
1 being the worst and 10 being the best.
My reviews are short, straight to the point and best of all very VAGUE.  Who wants to read a whole page about a movie anyways right?  If you can answer that question I'll give you 10 bucks.....on Christmas.  Well anyways, this is movie reviewing at its best people!!  Enjoy!!

Dumb And Dumberer - When Harry Met Lloyd
--comedy, 102 minutes
Starring:  Eric Christian Olsen, Derek Richardson
soundtrack:  whip it, whip it good!! its all freakin' 80s here except the vanilla ice song in the beginning, wait...did that song come out in the late 80s?  who cares
storyline:  ya ya harry meets Lloyd, their high school principal is corrupt, they make a special needs class in the cafeteria, theres some hot girls in there (mostly near the end, juggies!! *hint*hint*), and there is an ample amount of stupidity throughout this movie.
Final Thoughts:
    Well, they did real good with the casting.  These guys actually look like Jim Carrey and that other guy with the nappy hair in their younger years.  The guy who played as the principal was pretty funny, I think he was in all those american pie movies.  Oh and Bob Sagat was in this movie?! ( you know, the dad in the family sitcom "Full House"?)  He was pretty funny.  Well, that's bout it.  Only watch this movie if you wanna laugh hard...twice throughout this movie.  I know I did.  ---- 7

--action/drama/lil'bit of comedy, 100 minutes
Starring:  Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson
soundtrack:  AWESOME freakin soundtrack,  BUY this soundtrack, songs like "Get Down" by David Banner, "Pump It Up" by Joe Buddens, "Peel Off" by Jin,  mostly hip hop/rap and a little bit of techno
storyline:  This was more of a "buddy" movie to me.  Other examples of buddy movies would be like rush hour 2, shanghai knights, etc.  The first Fast and Furious was a lot more serious than its sequel.  2F2F is set in Miami, FL (i think).  The beginning of the movie grabs you right away as a street race is about to begin and the only thing is that they need one more racer.  Who better to show up than Brian (Paul Walker) and his extremely intimidating, super tricked- out, silver w/body graphics, right-seater, Nissan Skyline.  *sigh*  By then I knew this movie already kicked arse.  As usual, they emphasize the beauty that is the import car.  There are a few domestics in here (especially the saleen ford mustang that didn't fare too well in the highway).  Ok, getting back to the storyline, its pretty bland compared to its prequel.  This installment of fast and furious, with the crappy plot set aside, will not cease to satisfy nonetheless.
Final Thoughts:
    Go watch this movie.  Whether you like cars or not just watch it.  If you're a guy then you are obligated to watch this.  If you're a girl, then just watch it to see Paul Walker and/or Tyrese.  If you're a freakin horndog like me then just watch it for both the cars and the hot women that grace these cars with their long, slender legs and their ample......just see the movie ok.  ---- 9

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