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All games are rated on a scale of 1 to 10
1 being the worst and 10 being the best.
My reviews are short, straight to the point and are almost always vague so I'll just point out the goods and the bads. Who wants to read a whole page about a game anyways, right?  This is game reviewing at its best people!! bwahahahahahaha..*cough* cough*-------

Breath of Fire - Dragon Quarter
--PS2, 1 player, RPG
--guess-timated completion time - 24 hours per game with sidequests
--difficulty:  Hard kind of
--fun factor:  purty good
--replay value:  VERY gewd
--audio:  your standard rpg crap (battle trumpets, etc.)
--graphics:  ehh..its ok (if you like cell-shadedness)
--storyline:  its alright I guess, not as vast and bloated like xenosaga
Final Thoughts:
    With some of the bad stuff I said set aside, I highly recommend that you play it.  Once you beat it the first time, you can play it again and there'll be more cutscenes, newer items, newer enemies, and you get to carry over the stuff that you had when you beat the game.  Also, your dragon rank in the beginning is 1/ 8257 (i think) so the more you complete the game, the better your dragon rank will be and eventually you'll reach dragon rank 1/4 which will take you forever!! Awesome!!......ok it won't take you forever but it will take a while.  Did I mention there is no longer any fishing in this installment of BOF?  Who cares, just buy this game.  ----- 8.5

Enter the Matrix
--PS2, 1 player, action/fighting
--guess-timated completion time - 5 hours maybe
--difficulty:  you choose biatch!! ya!!!
--fun factor:  awesome for the first hour
--replay value:  just play ddr when you're done
--audio:  techno!!! wooohoo!!  and the sound fx are good
--graphics:  yes it is very, very good.......FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!
--storyline:  purty good and you get to see stuff you didn't see in the movie
Final Thoughts:
    Not much to say really.  The slow-motion stuff is awesome of  course but it isn't anything new.  The roundhouse kick off the wall is cool......hmmm lets see what else...and how cool is "Ghost" for a name huh?!.....uhmm theres...something else...ok ya and...uhmmm......wait.......alright ya I guess that's it.  Just rent this game.  ----- 7

Wild Arms 3
--PS2, 1 player, RPG
--guess-timated completion time - 40+ hours I think
--difficulty:  easy for most the part 
--fun factor:  like all RPGs, you'll want to finish it anyways even if it starts getting tedious near the end. that is all
--replay value:  once is enough
--audio:  your standard western crap (melodic whistling, guitars etc.)
--graphics:  a bit more "cartoony-looking" with the cell-shaded graphics than Breath of Fire - Dragon Quarter
--storyline:  very similar yet way better than its predecessors
Final Thoughts:
    I was waiting for another WA to come out cuz part 2 stunk like one of my farts.  All the characters now use "ARMS"(or any kind of projectile weapon, mainly guns).  You're not gonna find any swords and wands in this one.  The Guardian spirits are still there.  There aren't many sidequests, though you will have to backtrack a lot if you want to get all the treasures you couldn't get before because you didn't have the tool that you needed to get to the treasure chest at that time.  Oh you can also battle while riding on a horse too.  Thats pretty much it.  Buy it if you're a hardcore Wild Arms fan; otherwise just rent it cuz you might not like it.  ---- 8

Midnight Club 2
--PS2, 2 players, arcade racing at its finest!
--guess-timated completion time - 2+ hours I think
--difficulty:  you choose, easy/normal/hard 
--fun factor:  freakin' fun!!  you can race against others online!!
--replay value:  very very good
--audio:  ALL SORTSA TECHNO MAN!!!  and the cars' sounds match how they look
--graphics:  purty good actually
--storyline:  race with the best starting in U.S.A then Europe and then the badasses in Japan
Final Thoughts:
    *sigh* what can I say.  This game BEATS GRAN TURISMO'S ASS!!!  There are no brand named cars but you can obviously tell that they meant to make the cars look like the real thing only named differently.  If you're a car junkie like me then you'll be yelling out things like "WHOA that's a freakin civic man!! you see that!! that's a freakin civic dude!! awesome!!" while you're playing the game.  I highly recommend that you buy this game.  ---- 9

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