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Letter from the CEO

I have never won a dime in the lottery. Ed McMahon has not come to my door. I have won a few monopoly games but lost most that I ever played. And until recently any stock I have ever bought went the wrong way. I do seem to have a nack for the game of chess, however.

If your luck is anything like mine, then I know that you are looking for something more than your average trading tool. You realize that trading systems like Trade Station©, Datek OnLine©, Quote.Com©, PCQuote©, and Omega©, etc. give you better information. You need better information to make better decisions. But in the end, better information can not improve the quality of your "guess".

10% of the people are lucky. Given any tool, they will make money. They have the right attitude and the resources to take risks.
Their stock goes down.... they buy more. If the market keeps going up, they will make money. These are the same people who are at the top of the MLM chain. They can sell products from their garages to their family, friends and neighbors. They never leave Vegas with less money than they started with. They do not need PowerTrade©!

I, however, belong to the other 90%. I would lose my nerve on "Who wants to be a millionaire" and if asked what meteorologists do for a living, I would likely blurt out that they study meteors. I built PowerTrade© for myself. PowerTrade© consists of three well defined strategies with predictable outcomes. PowerTrade© tracks these 3 strategies and generates trade signals. PowerTrade© does not do anything else!
I found that given certain conditions, such as market volatility, time of day, volume, and data quality, I could predict the relationship of 2 markets very accurately for a limited amount of time. In one case (Strategy 3) the accuracy is actually 100%! Trading is no longer a game of chance. I have won another game of chess.

I hope that you will take a serious look at PowerTrade©. I know you will find that trading does not have to be a game of chance any more!

John Vermes
CEO, PowerTrade©