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OK stuff about me

Well The good news is that i now once again have a comp so will be able to work on my page once again.I had a birthday so im 20 now. and ive moved to FT Lauderdale Fl.And there are lots of ravers around compared to Maryland. Happy Hardcore, and Trance are my main choices for music, although ill listen to anything really. I love usin my glowstix wheneva i can. I'm on the virtual chat all the time if ya wanna say whats up.Which i have just recently added a link to in case you dont know how to get there...the link is all the way down at the bottom of this page. In case you havent heard there are many attempts being made to try to stop raves by labeling them as crackhouses, if you disagree with this then you need to go to this petion and tell them so. Let's see.. I've had it brought to my attention that my site seems to imply that raves are all about drugs, I appologize for this, Drugs, although may be part of the scene, should not be the reason that ppl attend a rave. The music, the spirit of the ppl, and the vibe, should be the reason for attending a rave. If you can tell pcp, apart from acid, but can't tell the difference between Happy hardcore, and Jungle, than you may need to reconsider why your into the scene. I wont lie E is what brought me into the scene originally, but i havent used drugs in quite some time now, and still love the ravescene. I would say that ive actually been more into it since ive quit usin. OK well i guess ive bored yall enough for now. Oh one more thing, dont forget to take your vitamin "E"

Peace and Love always,

J Love

If you wanna get ahold of me heres some of my screen names

ICQ #-17938836

AIM - JLoveRavin


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