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Guilty Gear Story FAQ

Table of Contents
I. What is Guilty Gear?
II. The Story
III. Character Profiles
IV. Other Questions...

I. What is Guilty Gear?

Guilty Gear is a 2D fighting game released on the Playstation in 1998. It was created out of a love for manga (Japanese comics), video games, and heavy metal/rock, and was the first game that Daisuke Ishiwatari and Hideyuki Abe had ever created. It originally started out as a 3D project, but Daisuke realized it wasn't living up to his vision and changed to 2D. Despite the potential the game had, it didn't sell terribly well in the US, and more or less became a cult classic, however, in Japan it was met with a little more enthusiasm.

II. The Story...

The Story So Far The 22nd Century... Mankind has succeeded in his dream of developing a natural, limitless energy supply. It was the dawning of the Age of Magic. Science and industry, the source of environmental pollution and weapons of mass destruction, were outlawed. This controversial decision was to bring history, as mankind knew it to an end...
However, the abolition of technology did little to soothe mankind's suffering. A war erupted, fueled by fearsome weapons based on rapidly developing magical theory. Eventually, shockingly powerful biological weapons were produced by fusing human and animal DNA with magic, resulting in a horrible mix of vitality and raw strength. This was the birth of the Gears. The powerful military state that produced the Gears monopolized the manufacturing process, bringing countless other lands under its control. These Gears were designed to be little more than slaves, incapable of independent thought. Yet from among their ranks a rebel appeared, announcing himself to be self-aware. This insurrectionist, calling himself Justice, gathered an army of fellow Gears and declared war on all mankind. Despite heavy initial casualties to these renegade Gears, the humans put their differences aside and formed an elite group of warriors to combat the Gear menace. This group of brave heroes became know as the Sacred Order of Holy Knights. One hundred years of brutal war later...The fierce battle between the Gears and the humans, which had become known as the Crusades, was finally at an end. The heroic Sacred Order had sealed Justice inside an impenetrable dimensional prison, and it was only a matter of time before the remaining masterless Gears were rounded up and destroyed. However, five years after the end of the Crusades, the walls of Justice's dimensional prison have unexpectedly begun to erode away. Assessing the threat before them, the world's leaders quickly organize an international fighting tournament to select members for a proposed Second Sacred Order of Holy Knights. Astoundingly, the prize for this tournament was said to be literally anything one desired: The victor would get to make a single wish... any wish at all. Yet in the panic surrounding the imminent decay of Justice's dimensional prison, few seemed to take notice of the rather suspicious rules of this tournament, such as the welcoming of criminals, and the permission to shed blood during the matches...

III. Character Profiles

Sol Badguy Stats:

Height: 6'
Weight: 163 lbs.
Blood Type: unknown
Birthplace: America
Birthday: Unknown...looks about 26 years old
Eye Color: Brown
Hobbies: Listening to Queen
Favorite Thing: Queen's album "Sheer Heart Attack""
Dislikes: Great effort, "Doing your best."
Weapon: Fireseal (Fire powered sword)

Rumors of an immensely skilled lone-wolf bounty hunter had reached the ears of Kliff Underson, the retiring captain of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights. Kliff was interested, he spared no means in finding Sol, and invited him to become a member of the Order.
Sol's knighthood, however, was not to last. The growing tension between he and young master swordsman Ky Kiske was becoming more and more bothersome, and Sol realized that the majority of the knights bore him little more than ill will. When he saw his opportunity, he took it. Sol managed to desert the Knights' camp with one of the Order's most valuable treasures--the blade known as Fireseal.
It is now five years later after the end of the Crusades, and Sol has returned to his former ways. On a particularly lucrative bounty run, one of his marks begs to be spared, telling Sol about a faraway tournament being organized by the Sacred Order. Sol barely even registers the quick thrust with which he ends his bounty's life... as his thoughts are now far away, centered on only one goal...

*SPOILER!* What You May Not Know About Him *SPOILER!*:
Sol is actually a Gear. He was the prototype Gear, meaning he was the first ever created. Because of this he cannot be controlled by Justice, as Justice can only wield command over Gears created after him. Sol is estimated to be about 150 years old.


Ky Kiske Stats:

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 128 lbs.
Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: France
Birthday: November 20th, 21 years old
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Hobbies: Collecting teacups
Favorite Thing: Everybody's laughing, happy faces
Dislikes: Sol
Weapon: Thunderseal (thunder powered sword)

After the retirement of Kliff Underson, master swordsman Ky Kiske was given leadership of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights at the unbelievably young age of 16. As a symbol of his new status, he was granted one of the Order's most holy treasures... the blade called Thunderseal. The appointment was not a mistake; Ky and his band of heroic Knights ended the 100-year-long Crusades by sealing the dreaded Gear, Justice, away for all eternity... or so it was thought.
Five years after the dissolution of the Order, Ky continued his life of public service by entering the police force. One day while on duty, Ky received an announcement: A tournament was to be held, the winners of which would be candidates for a Second Sacred Order. Things did not seem right; Permission to shed blood during the matches, an absurdly large grand prize, and most shocking of all... talk of Justice's resurrection, much too soon.
Sensing the cold machinations of conspiracy at work, Ky dons the old uniform of the Order for the first time in five years and decides to enter...


Axl Low Stats:

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 172 lbs.
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: England
Birthday: December 25th...looks about early to mid-twentys
Eye Color: Blue
Hobbies: Billards
Favorite Thing: His girlfriend, Megumi
Dislikes: Preachy people
Weapon: kusari-gama(dual bladed sickle)

Axl was born in 20th century England, in one of the worst parts of London's East End. He grew up desensitized to violence, seeing it every day as a warring gang factions fought for control of the town. However, he abhorred it deeply and was determined to end the assault on his neighborhood peacefully.
Ever since childhood Axl had unusual martial arts prowess, and with his favorite weapon, the dual kusari-gama, even bllets weren't a threat to him. Within half a year, he had successfully cleaned up his neighborhood without a single casualty - friend or fore. However, at the very moment he was sure the peace would last, he was caught in a "time slip" - a random disturbance in the space-time continuum - and hurtled 200 years into the future.
Two years have passed since Axl's arrival in this new world...and he still searches for a way back home. Yet just as he begins to give up hope, he hears a rumor of a fighting tournament in which the champion gets whatever they can wish for...

*SPOILER* What You May Not Know About Him *Spoiler*: According to the Guilty Gear books, Axl has some sort of relationship to "The Man" (an obscure character who undoubtly holds the key to the inner depths of the game's story) who is continually refered to in the game by some of the characters. This relationship has been theorized as being that Axl is either related to and/or is an ancestor of "The Man", OR Axl later BECOMES "The Man". We can only wait for future games to resolve this....


May Stats:

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 93 lbs.
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthday: May 5th("Its not my real birthday, but it's the day Johnny found me!")...looks about preteen to early teen years.
Eye Color: Black
Hobbies: Thinking of Johnny
Favorite Thing: Johnny
Dislikes: "Baldies! Ick!"
Weapon: Anchor

All the girl can remember of her infancy is the image of a suave and daring pirate captain whisking her away from a savage field of battle. The pirate, Johnny, named the orphan May, after the month of endless rain.
Throughout the long years of wild living aboard the pirates' airship, May developed a fierce love for Johnny; He was part father figure, part brother, and perhaps even part boyfriend to her.
However, one day, Johnny was caught in the act. Though he primarily stole from the well-off to aid those in need, crime is crime, and he was incarcerated. The term was not a short one. Johnny's crew immediately began placing an elaborate breakout. And so, the day before the plan was to commence-
"May! Hold on! Is it too late of change the plan?!"
"What's up, Chief Adviser April? A tournament...? And the prize is anything?! They'll grant any wish?!"
"Yeah! We could wish for Johnny to be released!"
"Good thinking! Just wait, Johnny! I'm coming!"

*SPOILER!* What You May Not Know About Her *SPOILER!*: May is Actually Japanese. The Japanese were nearly destroyed by "The Man" during the Crusadades.


Millia Rage Stats:
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 106 lbs.
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Russia
Birthday: Unknown....looks about 20 years old
Eye Color: Blue
Hobbies: Playing with cats
Favorite Thing: Her honor
Dislikes: Zato, and losing some of her hair in battle
Weapon: Her hair

Millia lost both of her parents during the Crusades and was adopted by a group of assassins. She was trained by them to use her hair as a deadly weapon however she didn't want to use her abilities to kill people. She attempted to take her own life many times but failed... During an important assassination mission involving many members of the organization, including Zato-One she escaped. As a result, Zato and the other assassins were arrested. Millia now knows that she will be hunted down...


Zato One Stats:

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Spain
Birthday: January 28th....30 years old
Eye Color: Formerly blue
Hobbies: Attempting to understand the language of the flowers
Favorite Thing: His pride
Dislikes: "That woman![Millia]"
Weapon: Shadows

Zato-One was once an underling. Disgusted with his lack of ability to rise through the Assassin ranks, he risked death my invoking the forbidden arts. He lost his eyesight, but gained the ability to control shadows, as well as enhanced senses - enough for him to perceive his surroundings better than he ever could with sight alone. With these newfound powers at his command, he was the Assassin leader within weeks.
However, Zato was betrayed by the only woman he had ever trusted, an Assassin named Millia, and was arrested. Lanquishing in the utter blackness of his cell, a tall, thin figure appeared before him...
"Zato-ONE... Do you want out of there? Isn't there a woman you have a pressing appointment with...?"
"Millia! But how do you know of her? Who are you?"
"A tournament is to begin soon, the winner of which will have whatever they desire. If you win, you'll be free. Free to find this punish her..."
"...Heh... I don't know what you're after, but what have I got to lose? Let me out... and count me in!"


Kliff Underson Stats:
Height: 4'10"/5'10"
Weight: 121 lbs
Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: Switzerland
Birthday: September 9th (I don't wanna even guess...)
Eye Color: Brown
Hobbies: Sailing
Favorite Thing: His priceles Japanese teacups
Dislikes: Fashionable, voguish words
Weapon: Dragonslayer(dragon slaying sword)

Kliff was known as a hero: He had bravely led the heroic Sacred Order of Holy Knights for decades during the Crusades. Nevertheless, he was thought of something of a historic relic. In his prime, however, he was regarded with awe... and, truth be told, a bit of fear as well. As a retirement gift, Kliff was given his sword of choice - the priceless treasure Dragonslayer, the gigantic blade that was said to have the power to kill dragons with a single stroke.
Five years later, Kliff lives his quiet life of retirement in sheer boredom. His only diversion now is the study of various cultures' fighting techniques, the most interesting of which stemmed from the lost, legendary nation of Japan. However, one day while walking through the streets, he notices a placard announcing a tournament for a proposed Second Sacred Order. Sensing a disturbance in the natural flow of energies, Kliff suddenly suspects something so terrible that he dare not speak it aloud: Is Justice being resurrected? Kliff immediately decides to return to the battlefield... and enter the tournament.


Chipp Zanuff Stats:

Height: 6'
Weight: 149 lbs
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: America, but he insists Japan
Birthday: February 9th, 26 years old
Eye Color: Red
Hobbies: Dreaming
Favorite Thing: Sleeping Pills
Dislikes: Nightmares, the Mafia, gangs,
Weapon: Crescent blade

Chipp started doing drugs at an early age which eventually lead him down a path of self-destruction. He became a drug dealer for the Mafia in order to support his habit... However, after years of drug abuse the Mafia found out that he was stealing from them. They were about to kill him when he was saved by a mysterious ninja named Tsuyoshi. Chipp then cleaned himself up and started to learn the art of Ninjitsu from Tsuyoshi. Realizing his huge debt to the master, Chipp became a student at the ninja's dojo and was trained body and soul in the ways of the Shinobi. And yet, one day, Chipp returned to find his master near death, having been attacked by the Mafia...


Potemkin Stats:

Height: 8'
Weight: 1446 lbs.
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: The Zepp Empire
Birthday: October 18th...about 34 years old
Eye Color: White
Hobbies: Sketching
Favorite Thing: Indestructible pencil cases
Dislikes: Pencils that snap under four tons of weight
Weapon: His fists, and his sheer size

Zepp, the "Armed Air Empire," was a military state established toward the end of the Crusades, the entirety of which was enclosed aboard a gigantic airship. The military force of Zepp, composed wholly of slave soldiers wearing anti-desertion bomb collars around their necks, was unsurpassed... the fear of the collars exploding at any given moment was motivation enough to fight. Potemkin was one of these men.
"Code 4595605381, Potemkin. We've finally found a use for you and your ridiculous body..."
"I refuse. These fists of mine were not made to kill."
"Hmph... fine. Your orders are as follows: Enter this tournament, and win.You will then wish for suitable territory for us to expand our Empire into. Do you think you can win without shedding blood...?"

What You May Not Know: The Zepp Empire is the only country who preserved technology when others abolished it.


Dr. Baldhead Stats:

Height: 9'4"
Weight: 121 lbs.
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: China
Birthday: August, 21st....about 43 years old
Eye Color: Black
Hobbies: Performing elaborate operations
Favorite Thing: His gigantic, six-foot scalpel
Dislikes: Cancerous cells
Weapon: gigantic scalpel

He once had the reputation for being the world's finest medical doctor. One day, a girl he was operating on mysteriously died... However, it was not his fault as it was the doing of his colleagues who were jealous of his genius. He was distraught at what happened and he suffered a mental break down. He was deemed insane and went on a murderous killing spree. He was finally arrested and placed in a high security mental institution. His mental condition remains the same.


Testament Stats:

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 70 kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthplace: Switzerland
Birthday: May 9th.....about 26 years old
Eye Color: Red
Hobbies: None
Favorite Thing: Massacres and playing with children
Dislikes: Humans, Saitouryuu styled martial arts
Weapon: Scyth

The mastermind behind the tournament who is trying to revive Justice. Due to his Gear enhancements he has lost his sanity and his wish for peace is now twisted into a plan of destruction.

What You May Not Know About Him: Testament is, or was, a boy Kliff adopted during the Crusades. Testament became a Holy Knight (possibly to please Kliff), and that getup he wears is actually the remnants of his old uniform (he was known as the "Black Knight" at the time). At some point he was killed, possibly by Kliff ("Testament! But... but I killed you! How..??")as he mentions to the dying Justice of how Testament had been driven mad by war (I'm guessing Testament either started having some serious psychotic episodes and Kliff felt he had to put him out of his misery, or he became some sort of threat). He was later revived by being converted to a Gear. His ambition to revive Justice is not necessarily his own...


Justice Stats:

Height: 7'9"
Weight: 221 kg
Blood Type: unknown
Birthplace: Possibly Japan
Birthday: September 2nd.....about 100+ years old. He is the first production Gear created after Sol
Eye Color: Ochre
Hobbies: None
Favorite Thing: Self-preservation is primary
Dislikes: Humans
Weapon: Armor

The Rebel commander of the Gears during the Crusades. After many violent battles, the humans eventually suppressed the Gears and imprisoned Justice in a "Dimensional Prison". He has since been freed from his imprisonment by Testament.


Baiken Stats:

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 46 kg
Blood Type: unknown
Birthplace: Japan
Birthday: unknown...she could possibly be about late 20's to early 30's
Eye Color: Brown
Hobbies: destroying gears
Favorite Thing: Another destroyed Gear
Weapon: Samurai sword

One of the remaining survivors of the ancient nation of Japan. (The Japanese were nearly exterminated years ago at the hands of "The Man".)

VI. Other Questions...

What Exactly IS a Gear?

A Gear is a biological weapon created from splicing human and animal DNA together with magic. Fierce and powerful, they're the perfect soldiers, however, they are completely helpless without the direction of a master. In other words, they have no sense of self preservation, which is why Justice was such a shock to the world.
From what I've see there are three types of Gears: those created to be pure Gear, those created to resemble a human, and humans who have recived Gear implants-thus becoming a Gear themselves. The best analogy of these as I can give you would probably be Robot, andriod, and cyborg.


Who is "The Man"?

"The Man" is a very obscure character only mentioned briefly in Guilty Gear. He is supposedly the one who created the Gears and nearly wiped out the Japanese. There are also dozens of little twists in the story that he could possibly be behind (ie the creation of Dizzy in Guilty Gear X, and his supposed relation to Axl). Whatever he is, the games give the impression that so far, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg...

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