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straight from the no scene to your brain....
d-comm (niitty)
virtalähde (100% live and analogue)
moshka medicine (live) (mental hospital, us)
s.u.r.r.u.r. (live)
anvil (voima)
wednesday, january24th, 2001
21.00-1.30 yo-talo tampere... 20mk

again another night of hard electronic music...this time brought to the extreme by the mighty virtalähde.... complete with his massive system 100 modular synth and various degrees of malfunctioning cables and devices, he scalded people's ear drums... interesting patterns of squelchs of noise, ominous rumbles and breaks... truely dynamic and avant gard... complete with his own static video and sense of style... one of the highlights was this dude with a phone walking up to the stage and holding up so the person on the other end could hear the racket....a truely fitting end to our short lived stint and yo-talo... dcom dj'd a wide mix of electro and idm-techno... what i love about him as a dj is his choice of records (from classic-rarities to plain all out complex wickedness)... in addition his talent for mixing goes far beyond the common down beat matcher... he is far beyond the rest of the slag this town has to offer (with a few exceptions of coarse)... anvil played another solid set of smooth groovy techno with a surprise booty track or two thrown in for a laugh...the american moshka-medicine played live this time (he dj'd in october, remember?)... a noisy techno set much different than his material as abyssal echo (for more info go here)... s.u.r.r.u.r. played many of their favorite songs yet it always sounds so different no matter how often they play them... very talented, well thought out techno set to a monsters of rock video... as i mentioned above, we were canned from yo-talo from lack of attendence... this is understandable... yet not understandable... the worst thing is that our april 6th date with surgeon was wrong in their book (the 20th, idiots) and they decided to cancel it on us anyways and give it to some "boy"... i hope that the "pop" party that comes then is very enjoyable and they make tons of money! be on the look out for us... we are going to move even deeper into the no scene and truely rock the underground! damn!