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moshka-medicine played a live set consisting of a jp-8000 synth, a korg polysix, an mc-505, a cd player and a pc running cakewalk proaudio 8 and gigasampler...his set included five songs of various types- starting with a cover of the dead milkmen's "instant club hit (you'll dance to anything)...this song had a basic kick drum roll swell intro over track one "the moral majority vs pwei" from the pop will eat itself cure for sanity cd climaxed by an obnoxious diva singing "do what you feel", total crap... other samples included were his own voice and "that was a good drum break" which many of you may remember from "where it's at" by beck...(actually beck took it from the frogs song "hot cock annie" which is where he got it from)... the next song was a contrast from the harshness of the first... off beat techno with drones and pads from the synths... climaxing to a william burrough's spoken word from dead city radio track 7... lee ranaldo's cd comp East jesus track 9 "spain" opened the next song which had an eerie voice stating "ask yourself.. what do these people want from your children?"... other samples for this song were taken from bitch's brew by miles davis... the next track started out as a noisy ambient track with a scene lifted directly from the russian film solaris... the beats followed as well as beeps, buzzers and record skips.... lastly a cover of sonic youth's "i love her all the time" was played... the intro was "el dopa" by big black as was the outro...