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Project Morningstar

Project Morningstar

Modded Keyboard

The least noticeable modification of Project Morningstar. No - this is not another 'change the color of the status LEDs' mod. Note the small switch that is mounted right next to the PS/2 cable. The only external indication that this isn't a regular keyboard anymore.


So lets turn it on...
The illuminating keyboard mod is the one part of the whole PC that I am most proud of. Not that this kind of mod wasn't done before, however this one is significantly different. Note that there is NO additional cable besides the PS/2 cable leaving the keyboard. There is also no additional power source inside the keyboard that needs to be exchanged. Everything is taken from the small ammount of voltage the keyboard signal provides.
I've prepared an additional page for those interested in more details on the wiring.


Let's dim the light a little bit to see the illumination better. Sorry for the image quality, but its kinda hard to get sharp images in dim light.


Finally lets have a look at the keyboard in almost complete darkness to reveal its full glory. No, the ilumination is not bright enough to actually read the keys, which is impossible unless one uses transparent keys.