Figure 11 Pentode Characteristics of 6L6 G A. This is a graph with the point zero, zero at the lower left corner. The horizontal axis is labeled plate voltage and goes from 0 to 750 volts. The vertical axis is labeled plate voltage and goes from 0 to 400 m A. The characteristics of a pentode look very different from those of a triode. Each curve originates almost at the zero voltage and zero current point rising steeply up leaning slightly to the right. At a specific point the curve bends over and becomes almost horizontal rising only slightly as it continues to the right. Each successive curve rises to a higher level before bending over. The curve that goes the highest, bending over at 300 m A is labeled plus 15 volts. The next lower one is labeled plus 10 volts, the next plus 5 the one that bends over at about 165 m A is labeled E c = 0. The next curves down are labeled minus 5, minus 10, minus 15, minus 20 minus 25, and minus 30. The last three curves are very close together. This completes the verbal description.
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