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-Build up & designed by : Bui Binh Tho MD__second up date : july 2001
  ECHOGRAPHY   - Software             author :

  Crete : August 2001          Free download and using (

 Version Vietnamese 
 Sieu am tong quat
 Sieu am san phu khoa
 Sieu am san 2
 Sieu am tim
 Sieu am tuyen giap
 Sieu am mo tuyen vu

 New update 2005 : Sieu am tong quat nam -----------------------Sieu am tong quat nu

  All off  these applications  have been writing on Microsoft  Excel  and using Vietware software to learning  ( font : VNI Times , Vietnamese input methode : VNI , Code table : VNI for Window )              

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