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 Home build model airplanes
-0.15 R/C Pipercup Model airplane
-F4U Corsair great plane
-Super Cruiser PiperCup
 Super BBT 424
 Super MarineSpitfire
Jet Plane
R/C Jet plane    My Sea Harrier
World famous Airplanes( 3 D plans)
-P51 Mustang
-F4U Corsair
-Thunderbolt P47
-P 38 Lightning
-Douglas DC 3
-Miles Master
-Jap Zero
-New in Model airplane
-How to made model airplane kit
-part by using composit-fiberglass
-How build an four channel R/C
-airplane with flap movable
-How to made a wooden non stan
-danization propeller
 The Hirobo ( Double propeller )
  Electric Sea- Boat
- Hydroglisser
- High speed race-boat

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 R/C Model airplane page     Create : May 2001


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-----On the right column of this page, from the Home build
--model airplane , the Jet plane to the New in Model airplane
--you can find more informations ;all are my background
-----About the Famous airplane of the World ,you can also
--find the plans of the world famous airplanes from 1940 -
--1950 ,all in there are the famous airplanes of the WWII .
---- About the Boat site,just here,it have more informations
. -and new conceptions .Avec plaisir mes amies !


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--ma experience .
-----Vous pouvez contacte encore beaucoup de l'interet des
   informations sur le Famous airplane of the World et sur la
   cite de Boat . Bon Salut!
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