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Regional Maps 
Overland Map The entire known world, from Ashtan down to Shallam then up to Hashan to the Forests.  Does not show the cities or interior locations in any detail.
Ashtan Map This is the loyal city of Ashtan, were the citizens come mean and armed.
Cyrene Map
The city of Cyrene is a place for tranquility and peace unless someone wishes to take their battle to them.
Hashan Map Crown of the Ithmia, Hashan is considered to be a peaceful place unless someone enrages them. 
Shallam Map The jewel of the east, Shallam is home to the guilds of good.
Interior Locations Underground areas such as Azdun and Moghedu, as well as the Arena.  Now includes Eleusis and the Sentinel Guildhall.
Polyargos The volcanic island of Polyargos.
Islands Ulangi, Polyargos, who can ask for more.
Sectional Maps 
Northwest Sectional From Ashtan southward just beyond the Pachanacha, including Thera, the Black and Aurelliana forests, the western Savannah and Great Rock, as well as Azdun.
Northeast Sectional The Ithmia, Hashan, Tasur'ke and northward to include Belladona's Keep.
Southwest Sectional
South of the Pachanacha, including the Dakhota, Vashnar, Mhojove, Moghedu, Aalen, and Dun. Jungle is completely revamped and southern road has been added. Azdun, Moghedu, Dun Fortress, Kasmarkin and the Shamtota/pash near Jaru are now included on this map.
Southeast Sectional From Shallam and Jaru northward through the Pash, Shamtota and Samutote, past Lodi, Sashtaan, and the Savannah, as far as the Sirrocian mountains and Delos.
Sewers and the Arena The sewers of Ashtan, Hashan and Shallam, along with the arena

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