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Mount Felix  

New Zealand General Hospital No. 2 




Mount Felix Clock Tower (1914-1918/2001)

A view of the Thames from Walton Bridge (1914-1918)

Hospital Staff and patients boating on the Thames at Walton

Foot bridge over Bridge Street2NZGH 

Gateway to Mount Felix (2 NZGH ) around 1914-1918 and today.

Gateway to Mount Felix (1921)

The grounds at Mount Felix (2NZ GH)

The Lord Plunkett shelter and wards

A patient (lt. Davie) of 2NZ GH at sports day

A mess room at the Hospital

Patients relax in the gardens

Mount Felix viewed from within its grounds

View of Mount Felix circa 1914-1918

New Zealand Hospital, Walton-on-Thames.

New Zealand Hospital (Mount Felix) from the River Thames, circa 1914-1918.

New Zealand Hospital, taken on the bridge.

Patients in a ward inside Mount Felix

Patients relax outside Mount Felix.

Side view of Mount Felix

Nurses Egg and Spoon race, Sports day at 2 NZ GH

Nurses Tug-o-War. Sports day at 2 NZ GH

The Square Tower, Mount Felix (around 1914-1918)

The Staff, 2 NZ GH

Staff and Patients, 2NZ GH

Swimming in the Thames

Staff and patients rest in the shelters

Nursing staff boating on the Thames by Walton bridge

Ward 4, 1916

Ward 5, Christmas 1916.



New Zealand service men's graves in St. Mary's church yard

The area around the old Mount Felix clock tower

Offices now stand in front of the Mount Felix clock tower

Land by Walton bridge (2001)

The clock tower from Hepworth Way

Kind regards to Ken Treanor, Hon. Curator of the Royal NZ Army Medical Corps Museum, Christchurch New Zealand, without whom this section of the site would not have been possible.

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