CNC Machines By Other People!

This is a page of links to CNC Machines created by other people. There are many very smart hard working people that have shared their knowledge on the net.

Check them out!

Paul Jones's site Paul manufactures spindles, cutters, and complete Z axis units!
John C Kleinbauer's Web Page (Plans and CNC Info - great site/products!)
Dave Kush's page (PCB Mill, new design for Router!!!!)
Jack Green's cool CNC Router
CNC Mill Conversion
Majosoft - Great engraving site, lots of info
Cool bearing design
Florin's Engraving page
Fenerty CNC - cool homemade CNC machine (great bearings)
Servo Motors and Controllers
Home Metal Shop Club
Koen Smits Home page. Koen is from Holland and has made a very nice heavy duty CNC machine for his R/C hobby. Check out his home made linear bearing design - nice!

This list is not even slightly complete! Check back often, as I am continually adding to it.

That's all Folks!