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::: a webring bringing together those of us who can barely
function without our 24/7 cup O' joe :::

::: Sweet Coffee :::

You awaken my senses
You keep me sane
You are essential
To my EVERY day.

Each morn' I await thee
Half-asleep my head nods
Oh my sweet coffee...
Nectar of the Gods.

If, like us, you can't live without your morning...afternoon...evening...ok, ok - your 24/7 caffeine fix... we would love to have you join us.

You site doesn't have to contain anything at all related to coffee. It does however have to be family friendly and contain absolutely NO hateful, prejudice, discriminatory content. And... of course... you MUST have a genuine love/ need/ craving for coffee!!! LOL!

All you have to do is save the graphic below to YOUR OWN SERVER then click on the JOIN button to submit your info. We will visit your site and contact you ASAP.

Right click and save this graphic to your own server.

This is what your webring will look like. :)

Do you have a friend you think would like to join
Completely Caffeinated? If so, why not recommend us? :)


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Set © 2004 by Retreat for the Soul
coffee clip art thanks to Clips Ahoy