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Joo came back to vote in the March 2008 elections and here she is eating lunch with me.


Joo first sprung this shock piece of news on me via messenger. Summer of 2003 was the time.Looks like she will continue to live in the states with her mainland Chinese husband...End of an era I guess

The wedding photos

I really feel Joo looks better and better as she gets older!!

Joo was unhappy with her new suroundings for a few months, but things picked up for her ...she wouldn't even come over to the UK to see me!

I first met Joo when she was the secretary at my Chinese Language School. That was years ago and she has been a student ever since...A masters from Birmingham University in the UK and currently in New Jersey

Joo came to Tamshui Nov 2001
This is on the harbour boardwalk

Joo and the harbour

As usual Joo was constantly interrupted by phone calls!!

A trip to Birmingham and a trip to Hungerford

A visit to Joo's new flat in Brum...summer 2001

We went to Hungerford for a couple of days just after I got back from Spain, so I was all tanned up.This picture is in front of the River Kennet

A couple of archive pics

I went to Birmingham to visit Joo-joo in April 2000.The above pictures are taken from hills just outside the city

And this was taken on her trip to Amsterdam

Click on one of the pictures to see what went on in....