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Went to visit Loree and the family in their new home, May 2011. Here you can see me messin' with 4 year old Maya!

So, here they are, Loree doing the washing up(that girl never stops cleaning!), Michel holding the kids, Maya and baby Louie. They bought a three bedroom house in Kingsbury with high ceilings, garden and a park at the back...not a bad deal....but too many immigrants say Loree from Taiwan and Michel from Israel....hmmm.

Loree is an old friend from Taiwan

who lives in N.W. London and helped me get my life back!!!

I know how to talk to babies!!
A few shots from the Trowbridge tour, July 2005. Note Loree getting a bit frisky with Lulu!!
Loree came down to see me and we braved the cold and walked along the river in Henley....March 2004

I'm a frequent visitor to London to see Loree
(and Ev who lives just down the road)
and here we are romping in the park...
roll the mouse over to see her giving me "the eye"!!
Photo of Loree from the Florida beaches in 2002
Loree has been in London for several years now after dumping Shaun and moving in with her Israeli boyfriend, now husband! Health wise she's doing much better, she's got cute Maya and is enjoying her life!!
I met Loree back in 1996 (I think) and though I found it a bit wierd at first the way she always mixed English and Chinese into her speech, I soon got past that and focused on her cute face,a body to die for and a great flirty personality!!
Oh my lord!! Yet another exhibitionist to be dealing with!!
Notice the similarity with the vampire on the right...Is there more to this girl than meets the eye???