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#sO - mIRC
East GamesNet
.       Thanks for showing intrest in the newly formed Guild "Security Override" (sO). If you would like you join and show your skills as a Soldja or a Demoman then please Idle in #security on Gamesnet: Random east US server. If you do not have IRC Please Download it at . or Contact RiTuaL at or ICQ 129265909 Thanks again for showing Instrest.

      Tryouts will consist of 3 maps (Mulch_DM, 2fort, and Openfire). The Try out will start in Mulch_DM. You play with the "normal" rules. (No respawn untill match is over, no 2nd granade, jump to start) the 1st to 15 wins. Then the map will be changed to 2Fort. You will play Offense or Deffense (your pick). There will be 10 runs. If you are Offense you must capture 2 out of the 10. and if your Deffense you must stop 8 out of the 10 runs. Then you must do a few of the normal Rocketjumps (ex. up to Battlement, up elevator). Then the map will be switched to Openfire, you will play the oppsite you did in 2fort (so if you were D you are now O). There will be 10 runs again you must stop 8 out of the 10 or capture 2 out of th 10. After your Try out Reture to #sO and the Leaders will Discuss your try out and notify if you made it or not.