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Article #1
By - Mawani
Subject - AH > AW

Bill brought this up one day when we were talking on AIM. Then decided to make a poll on AR (Anime Rebirth). Aw won and Ah got its butt kicked to .. A place far-away. That is why I am writing this article, because AH wants a little AWful payback.

Reason #1 why Ah is better than Aw. Ah backwards is HA! See Ah is laughing at Aw for Ah is better than Aw! What is Aw backwards you ask? Well it is Wa, but if you add a H it is Wah meaning Ah kicked Aw's butt and made Aw cry!

Reason #2 is because Ah is to Ahhhhhhh as Aw is to Awwwwwww. Think about it. Would you rather Awww like a little sissy girl, or Ahhh like a little sissy girl... Okay that one is a toss-up.

Reason #3 is I stated Ah is better than Aw, and all that disagree shall be raped TWICE by Christopher Lowell. If you are still alive after that, and still disagree you shall be raped once more by Richard Simmons!

Now go out and preach the word! Ah is better than Aw in more than 5 ways!

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