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Transgender and crossdress Definition:

Want to know more terms abour Transgender,

Tg = Cd + Tv + Ts + Dq + ...

Abrreviations And Definitions

Transgender, Tg

Transgender including thoese Cd, Tv,Ts,Dq..

Crossdressing is in fact a harmless alternative lifestyle, which for most is closet and part-time

Cross dresser, Cd

Someone who wears the clothes of the opposite sex, sometimes used instead of transvestite to indicate that there is little or no sexual component involved.Normaly cd live in closet.

Transvestite, Tv

Someone who wears the clothes as the opposite sex, same as Cd, but instead live full time.A term for those who feel compelled to wear the clothes of the opposite gender, who often feel 50% or more female, but would never change sex.

Transexual, Ts

Someone who wishes to live as the opposite sex. Someone born with a female brain in a male body, or vice-versa. "Gender dysphoria" can only be cured by surgery and hormones to align the body with the brain ("gender reassignment"), whereupon the person is no longer TS.

Drag Queen, Dq

Someone, usualy a gay male, who dresses in the clothes of the opposite sex, often in an exaggerated manner with sometimes little attempt to pass


Someone who does not fit into the standard male - female gender patterns accepted by humanity.


Abbreviation used to mean all transgendered persons

Intersex, Hermaphrodite:

Rare. Someone with ambiguous sex organs, or with those of both sexes. Usually corrected by surgery in infancy, but he or she may need to remain on hormones for life.


A male who fantasises about enforced femininity. This is really about submissive role play, such as being in a domestic maid to a female dominatrix; or for a tiny minority, being innocently dressed as an adult girl child.

She-Male, Ladyboy:

Someone with male genitalia who has taken hormones to give themselves a more feminine body. Common in Thailand and Brazil. Terms (rather unfortunately) associated with prostitution in underdeveloped countries, usually due to political and police oppression.


The castrated but widely accepted "third sex", who have been around for centuries around the world and are still numerous in some countries such as India.

Drag King

Lesbian equivalent of Drag Queen


The Diagnostics and Statistical Manual Vol. 3 - a set of statistical definitions the psychiatrists in the states used to define gender dysphoria

Gender Dysphoria

The medical name given to the condition, where you are not content with you're current gender and wish to some degree or another, to change it

Gender Fuck

To deliberately go against standard gender standards, i.e. to wear a skirt and a beard


Genetic Girl


Hormone Replacement Therapy, hormones taken to affect a change of sex


Internet Relay Chat, sort of an 0898 number for the internet except that it's free.


Member Of The Appropriate Sex


Member Of The Other Sex


Member Of The Same Sex


Non operative, someone who would like to have SRS, but for one reason or another, elects not to go through with it.


To pass, means to go out in public and to be consitently mistaken for the opposite gender






To be read, means for someone to discern you're true gender while you are trying to be percieved as the opposite gender


Real Life Test, the period spent living as the opposite gender before surgery


Significant Other, used to denote, spouse, partner, girl/boy-friend, etc.


Standards Of Care, a set of rules and procedures for the treatment of transexualism often used by the medical profession in the USA

SRS (occasionally GRS) - Sex Re-assignment Surgery, the surgery undergone to alter genitalia to the target sex


Fancying both men and women. Correct meaning = "of both sexes", but has come instead to mean "Swings both ways",Note that most gay men hate the idea of dressing as women. Even those who do, normally fancy butch men, not TVs or TSs. Gay men often criticise crossdressers to draw attention away from their own secret leanings. Gay women sometimes oppose crossdressing, as they only like real women. People of all kinds who are comfortable with their own sexuality tend to be the most supportive of gender issues.


Updated: 18-11-2005

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